QScopes: June 2017

The world seems calm at the moment. While it is clearly an illusion, a strange sense of peace will become normal. Enjoy it and take the time to get career and personal matters back in order. A partner or family member may have a hard time understanding your happiness. Nothing is wrong, which alone causes suspicion.

A complication will have you drawing a blank as a strange development is taking place. A financial matter is seemingly working itself out, but don’t become content. Keep control and be aware of anything that seems too good to be true. A nice thrust is helpful in getting past your obstacles, even the ones that are hard to see.

Sprinkle some love into the recipe of sharing. Now is a good time to help out friends and family who are in need of help. There is plenty of you to go around, but don’t let resources be stretched too thin. There’s a risk of feeling exhausted, which could make you irritable. Work out stress with physical activity. You know you want to.

A slick talker will approach you with an unusual appeal. While its not easy to let your guard down, this could be a nice time to explore uncharted territory. As the warm weather approaches, so does the desire to party and have a good time. Let your hair down, be wearing less clothing, and let the good times come to you.

Seek and you shall find. No one is hiding from you, but people who are often close seem to have disappeared. Don’t take it personally for it is a coincidence. Extend invitations and plan some social gatherings to bring everyone out of hiding. Before long, friends and family will be buzzing with excitement over the fun you’ve created.

Now is the time to claim a sense of control that has been lost for a while now. A dependency on others had been part of your strategy, but the truth is that you’ve always thrived better on your own. Seeing the world in terms that endure in the tried and true sense are likely to provide good results in your life balance.

Look to the past to plan for the future. There has been confusion over matters of the heart and some 20/20 retrospection is exactly what is needed right now. Don’t feel foolish by falling for an old trick. Hold on to the things you want but don’t become dependent on an external force. Find some closure by learning to love yourself.

Stop doing a behavior that many have pointed out as annoying. Even if your intentions are pure, there is a perception of deviousness attached that should be cast off immediately. Your social circle is growing but don’t neglect a true friend who is feeling lost in the mix. There is something to be cherished in the familiar.

Lose yourself in a sea of admiration. The world has been a welcoming place but don’t forget a looming obligation is on the horizon. A matter requires resolution, so put business before pleasure. When the time comes for fun, it will be all the more intense. Save up some money because the time might come to replace a broken bed.

A major change in plans has made life interesting. Whether the road leads to stability or uneasiness has yet to be determined. The best thing to do is focus on what works and be creative in solutions. Someone who really cares for you is more worried than you think. Ease their mind and don’t fear asking for help.

It never hurts to get intimate with a lover or close friend, and it may be prudent to have a passionate time to overcome the trauma of an upsetting event. While everything seems imperfect, a sweet moment in time can have healing properties. Let go of some tension and rebel against expectations. It is time to be happy.

Don’t pretend to know all the answers and be willing to figure them out. There is a questionable element that continually creates doubts, which is becoming a problem. Dig deeper to see the bigger picture and allow simplicity to rule. While there is certainly nothing pressing, it never hurts to find a good stride in which to ride.

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