SB Dance presents The Pushers

The Pushers, TV-DLS (not for kids), at Rose Wagner in June

The Pushers, a humorous, gritty “dance-theater” trip about a family of artists who grow up, come out, get famous, turn to dust, and “crawl back”. The New York setting begins when rent was cheap and AIDS started taking its toll and moves to an era of marriage equality– outcast culture gone commercial.

The SB Dance performances are at Rose Wagner Blackbox Theater, 138 West 300 South in Salt Lake City, June 9, 10, 11, 16, and 17. Friday and Saturday performances at 8:30pm, Sunday at 5pm. Bar opens 30 min before the performance and again after the show (ID required). Tickets and information: www.sbdance.com

SB Dance, is a company of experienced dancers whose average age pushes 40. They train hard and smart to perform risky, physical work. The company’s internal slogan has become, “How naked and how dangerous?”

Dance-Theater for adult sensibilities

Utah has many excellent repertory and commissioning companies, but SB Dance is an original offering of a bold, unfiltered voice, making art for “adult sensibilities and senses of humor defying the gravitational pull of family-friendly Utah.”

Its productions thread dance and spoken drama while adding a circus-y flair and  irreverence.  SB Dance often spills into the audience with interactive elements, gastro-theatrical events, and installations.

“Pushers” includes works of pure dance and theater, and much  in between. Waltz of the Dog-Faced Boy, Revenge of Yoga The Musical, Surrenderella, Snaked—titles suggesting  an alternative, say twisted, fascination with offbeat corners of humanity.

Another twist is found in the cast– dancers, actors, movement specialists, physical comedians, and singers, all stage veterans, some of whom have been working with the company for over 17 years.

Created and Directed by: Stephen Brown, the show stars:Christine Hasegawa, Nathan Shaw, Annie Kent, John Allen, Rick Santizo, Florian Alberge, Miriam Gileadi, and Stephen Brown. It was Co-Directed by Winnie Wood, lighting by Jessica Greenberg and the Production Manager is Liz Ferguson.

For 20 years, SB Dance has been genre-busting arts group whose talents include theatrical spectacles in intimate spaces like the Rose Wagner Blackbox. Telling comedies with cinematic breadth and emotional poignancy

Up next for SB Dance is “Eat Drink SLC” on July 6th.

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