Two women died in apparent domestic-violence-related murder-suicide in Taylorsville

Two Taylorsville, Utah, women are dead in what police are calling a murder-suicide. The women were in a nearly 6-year relationship and were in the process of breaking up. Police say they have been to the address of the incident several times responding to domestic violence calls.

Unified Police responded to reports of a shooting Thursday morning at 6:30 in the area of Hard Rock Drive, Taylorsville, near 41st South and 27th West. Upon arrival, they found two women dead of gunshot wounds. Police believe 49-year-old Fransiska “Siska” Dastrup (known as Siska C. O’Keefe on her now-deleted Facebook profile) shot her 47-year-old ex-girlfriend, Richelle “Shelly” Horsley, who was found in a car, and then herself about 100 yards away.

Friends are holding a candlelight vigil near Horsley’s house, 2504 W Hard Rock Dr. Taylorsville, Utah, on Sunday, June 25 from 7:30 to 9 p.m.

“Every person who has ever had a chance to know or meet Shelly has been profoundly impacted by her radiant light. Together, we will share in her light with candles raised in her honor,” organizers wrote. “Come and share your favorite memory of Shelly. We know you’ve all got a beautiful story to tell.”

Friends have taken to Facebook to express their grief.

“I want to honor a beautiful and strong woman, one who fought and beat the demon of brain cancer, emerging stronger and more determined to live with love, acceptance, and integrity,” wrote Deb Rosenberg. “Her life was taken this morning by a person to whom she had shared her heart. That person had demons too, and Shelly saw and loved her goodness, until it became a scary and dangerous situation. The result was loss of two lives. I am so sad for the loss in our community of friends, and my heart is hurting. I wish for us all to remember her infectious laugh, love of life, and let’s make our next toast to Shelly, and to healing the hurt and blame.”

Dastrup’s daughter eulogized both on her Facebook wall. (Unedited:)

“Two women who ment so much to me and have been the best moms i could ask for,” wrote Kaili Kehoulani Dastrup. “Shelly… i couldnt have had better memories without her. She’s goofy, funny and is always nice to me. Im so greatful for her example and all that she has done for me. Im gonna miss her dearly… “Siska, im gonna miss our cancer walk tradtions, you teaching me how to cook dutch food and the warm mother hugs you give me. We have had our ups and downs, and our rough patches. But i thank my mom for all the fun memories weve made when i was little up untill now Ill never forget our special times weve had together. ILL MAKE YOU PROUD MOM! Heaven gained two greatest moms to me!”

Some friends are blaming police for inaction in the situation. Others are blaming our mental health care system, saying the suspect was in need of treatment.

When more information is available, this story will be updated.

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