Pet safety tips for fireworks season

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Salt Lake County Animal Services is gearing up for fireworks season and offered pet owners these tips to help keep pets safe:

  • Take your dog for walks early in the day before the fireworks start going off.
  • Leave pets at home when you head to the park to see fireworks.
  • Give them a safe place to retreat to, such as a crate or bed, and check on them every few hours.
  • Turn on the radio and play soft music for them to try and distract them from the sounds of the fireworks.
  • Keep them indoors, lower the blinds and close windows. When scared, dogs and cats will break through screens or windows to escape their home.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, make sure your dog/cat is microchipped and the contact information on the microchip is up to date. If you don’t have time to get them microchipped before the holiday be sure to put a collar and ID tag on them.
  • Prevent injury or bites to yourself. If you find a lost or injured animal, they will be scared. Please contact your local animal services and have an officer pick them up.

Salt Lake County Animal Services provides free microchips to residents in their service area. They will be closed on July 4, and plan on an extremely busy July 5.

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