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Larry Herndon and Kumar

Kumar’s beard used to be brown, and so did mine. I know he looks like an angel dog — so cute. But he’s definitely no angel.

Casie and Kirsten with Cooper, Zoie and Mac

Here is our family picture from our wedding on 7-1-17. I met Casie in Denver seven years ago for Denver Pride. We happened to have mutual friends that were there and played matchmaker and seven years later we got married on our seventh anniversary. We have Moved into five houses over the seven years and created our fur baby family one Toy Yorkie at a time. We love them all so much and couldn’t imagine life without them. We loved having them as part of our wedding ceremony. I think they had the best reaction from the guests and there were so many kids that wanted to play with them during the reception. From Left to Right: Casie (the bride) holding Cooper, Zoie, Kirsten (the other bride) and Mac. This is the new Thomas Family!

Chris Hymas and Winston

Winston was homeless, and I needed a friend. We’re a match, but his face says otherwise.

Chad Nielsen with Abigail and Oliver

My name is Chad and I’m an ICU Nurse currently in grad school for Anesthesia at Westminster College. These are my fur babies: Abigail (tan, 4 years old) and Oliver (brown, 10 years old). I rescued Abby when she was 4 months old, and Oliver when he was 8.5 years old. Photo Cred to Julie Johnson Hilliard.

Angie Hall and T’wanda

We rescued T’wanda from the Humane Society two years ago. She was very hyper, jumping up and down and barking every time we walked by. So we took her outside and played with her, she covered us in kisses and we ended up taking her home. Since then, she has chewed up two couches, unstuffed multiple dog toys and is constantly chewing on something, but we love her to death and wouldn’t know what to do without her.

Kara Cope and Rose

My best friend Rose found me via Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue six years ago at 6.5 years young. She taught me how to mend trust and love unconditionally. She enjoys doing outreach to educate folks about these Gentle Giants. She has the biggest heart in the world. Big love.

Will Carlson and Harvey

Harvey is the best dog I’ve ever had. He’s a playful, gentle giant and he has great taste in the men he flirts with in the park.

JP Lumapas and Timmy

Timmy and I met in 2014. He used to be only 4 pounds but with love and table scraps he is now a hefty 8 lbs which garnered him the nickname Timmy the Tank. He is very protective of his daddy and is specially weary of men… which is not good for daddy’s love life. The funniest thing he does is he barks on mute sometimes.

Jule Marine and Beau

We were on the list at Rescue Rovers for this Black Labrador. We were passed over because we were too old and they wanted someone with young kids ( in spite of the fact we have several grand kids ). Then the couple who got him caved because they discovered they were pregnant and we got him by default. Karma.

Jurnee Clark and Jack

Hi, I’m Jurnee Clark and here’s my entry for the pet contest. I adopted my dog Jack almost a year ago at NKUT (No Kill Utah, an initiative of Best Friends Animal Society). He helps me with my depression and anxiety and I love his quirky, funny personality.

Dean Anesi and Jeeves

Mr. Jeeves decided he didn’t want to be feral, and he’s been the junior designer and client greeter at The Urban Garden Company ever since.  He loves to sleep under the heat of the drawing lamp, and he’s been known to add details to the landscape plans when he’s bored.

Carlos Barbagelata and Zeke

I’m Carlos and this is Zeke. He’s a 2.5-year-old Alaskan Klee Kai (aka Mini Husky). I got him when he was 4 months old and it’s been an amazing ride. I love him because he’s silly and he’s always here for me. And I think he loves me cause we go on walks everyday and I give him tons of treats and belly rubs.

Kelly Neal and Bella

Kelly and Bella met Valentines Day, 2015 and have been in love ever since.

Michael Deaton and Alli

This is my lovely little princess Alli. She is the best snuggle buddy anyone could ever ask for. This little girl is a world traveler, she’s been to seven countries in Europe and even has her own passport. Her favorite spot is in Liesing (Lesachtal Valley) Austria where she loved running through the grassy fields and getting love from all the locals. She’s the best.

Tyson Chase, Jared, Marlo, Dalilah

Jared was introduced to Marlo and Dalilah several months ago. He’s shown them so much love. Being a “step-dad” to two rascals isn’t always easy but we are a family filled with love, many random puppy kisses, and great memories.

Rich Dale and Kal

My dog, Kal! We met at the Humane Society. Once we saw each other, we knew it was meant to be.

Tiffany Pusatello and Sariah

This is Sariah. We met in 2004 and lived with my best friend until 2007 when she moved in with me. She had the loudest most soothing purr, lovingly tolerated my partner and hated pretty much anyone else. She passed away 7/5/17.

Jesse Dolce and Toby

This is Jesse Dolcé and his dog-to-be (Toby).  Jesse never leaves home without his wiener. Here they are doing one of their favorite things — kayaking together.

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