QScopes: August, 2017

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Carefully forge an alliance with someone with a playful agenda. There is so much fun to be had by challenging social norms, but be aware of who might be offended. While actions may not seem harmful, there is a line that that should never be crossed. In the interest of education, have fun but avoid trouble.

Fatigue is building and the reason for it seems clear. However, don’t be quick to jump to a conclusion. There could be an underlying source of agitation that is not being considered. A combination of factors is to blame. Simplify and enjoy pleasures as a way of creating the sense of delight you crave.

It might be time to double dip into an activity that has opened your mind. Lightning can strike twice, but should never be expected. No matter what happens, let the memory of the first time be the one that lingers. Find comfort in a friend and let go of expectations that are creating irritation.

There is no need to get involved in a serious relationship with someone you don’t know well. A little separation is a good way to clear the air. Try finding a pattern and stick with what is tried and true. While the world is seemingly dysfunctional right now, it isn’t broken. Fix life one task at a time.

Let go of someone who is making you feel bad. The source of harm is also the cure, and the cycle must end. Dump this person immediately. Slip out of trouble and into a good state of mind by simply working on you. The key is avoiding the bad behavior that you’ve been subjected to. Be the better person.

A friend comes asking for help, and you are very much ready to oblige. While the request may seem odd, there is much to be gained by getting involved. Giving is better because the return on emotional investment can be abundant. Follow through and listen to what is really being asked of you.

Put aside things that are distracting, even compelling and joyous ones. A matter of perception has left you seeing the world in a dark light, and the time for adjustment will be difficult. When the reset has been accomplished, the world will seem both new and old at the same time. Enjoy it, Libra!

Start a relationship with someone who aligns with your sympathetic nature and be the best you can be. A co-worker is bound to show off a skill that impresses, and this could very well pave the way to finding answers you need. Enjoy being a mentor and teaching a few of the tricks you do best.

An old habit could soon die. Let go of an attitude that has not served you well and hope for better relationships. This could be a turning point in your development, no matter how old you may be. Someone you work with will suddenly show signs of interest. Don’t be afraid to show yourself off.

The ball is in your court, and a friend is waiting on you to decide the nature of your relationship. The problem is that you simply don’t want to play. Take a time out. Those who care will be there when you get back. Don’t give into demands, but love on your own terms. Let go of drama, and rest.

The world is a crazy circus. It might be time to create your own act and show the world what you really want. Your family is bound to be putting on the pressure but don’t overlook their willingness to show support. Glory comes with risks, so be willing to take a chance and redefine yourself.

Letting go of something is difficult. A person or element has disappeared but life has to go on. Figure out what you really want and take control. There could be a few surprises in store in the shape of a friendly encounter. Spend time with the people who matter and enjoy the rest of the summer.

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