Q Day at Lagoon is this Sunday, Aug. 6

The annual Q Day at Lagoon, which draws thousands of red-shirted lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and other queer thrill-seekers to Farmington, happens Sunday, August 6.

This year, we are at a large terrace east of the Rocket — the Canyon Terrace. Bring a picnic or just come take a break with us.

Kevan Floyd, our FABBY winner for best karaoke, will give anyone who wants to show off their vocal abilities a chance to shine on the stage.

At 4 p.m. at the Canyon Terrace, we will have a group photo, which will be printed in the next issue of QSaltLake.

Petunia Pap Smear and other Matrons of Mayhem will be on-hand to play bingo toss with prizes worth dollars.

Official t-shirts will be available at the pavilion for $15 for S–L and $18 for 2X–5X

Discount coupons, worth $9 off at the gate for up to 8 people, are at:

Salt Lake City:
Club Try-Angles
Off Trax
Club Jam
Friar Tucks Barbershop

City Limits

No Frills Diner

Pocatello, Idaho:

Did you Know?

Lagoon is one of the largest family-owned amusement parks in the country, owned by the Freed family.

Robert Freed was the general manager of the park in 1946, when Farmington and Utah laws wouldn’t allow blacks to swim in the same pools or dance in the same ballrooms.

Freed was awarded the Human Rights Award by the Utah Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, making him the first life-member of this organization in Utah. Freed fought for and succeeded in fully opening Lagoon and the Terrace Ballroom in downtown Salt Lake City to blacks

“One of the most satisfying experiences of my life was long ago, before civil rights legislation was passed, when Lagoon opened its doors to people of all races,” Freed is quoted in his obituary.
Lagoon was first on the shores of the Great Salt Lake, but moved inland after the lake showed itself, once again, to be inhospitable to development.

Signs as you entered the park once said, “Thru these portals pass people who have had more fun than anybody.” While they are now gone, we hope that those who join us have more fun than anybody.

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