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By Romeo San Vicente


Indie drama Easy Living features trans actress Jen Richards

As far as Hollywood is concerned, summer is pretty much over. August is a notoriously slow box office month, so if you’re not going to the movies right now, you’re not alone. All the more reason to save your popcorn money for September’s films, and the release of the indie drama Easy Living. The debut feature from writer-director Adam Keleman, which had its world premiere at this year’s SXSW Festival, stars Caroline Dhavernas (Hannibal, Wonderfalls) as a door-to-door make-up salesperson whose personal life is a lot messier than she would like. And if the presence of Dhavernas weren’t enough to make us buy a ticket to this one, it also stars one of our favorite queer up-and-comers, trans actress Jen Richards, in a supporting role. You may have heard of her when the web series she created, Her Story, about the lives of queer and trans women in Los Angeles, became the first indie web series to be nominated for an Emmy. Easy Living opens in theaters and via streaming services on Sept. 15, so your town not having an arthouse is literally no excuse not to support projects that include trans artists. Mark your calendar.


Constance Wu is going to bring you all The Feels

You already love Constance Wu on Fresh Off The Boat (and if you don’t then seriously what is your problem, we mean it), and now she’s playing a lesbian in the indie comedy The Feels. Wu and Angela Trimbur (The Final Girls) star as a couple throwing a bachelorette party for themselves, at which it is revealed that one of them has never had an orgasm. Awkward comedy ensues as the women dig deeper into their relationship — and try to make that elusive “feel” happen. This one is from director Jenée LaMarque (who co-wrote the screenplay with Lauren Parks, and both women play supporting roles), co-stars Josh Fadem (Twin Peaks), and earned an enthusiastic reception at this summer’s Outfest in Los Angeles. It also has no distributor yet, so keep your comedy eyes peeled for it to keep popping up on the film festival circuit. You’ll be glad you did.


Sean Hayes back in for 3 Stooges 2, or whatever they’re calling it

Something weird happened in 2012. The Farrelly Brothers co-wrote and directed a big screen update of The Three Stooges, the 1930s big screen comedy icons who were the original dumb and dumbers. Nobody asked for this reboot. It’s actually safe to say nobody even really wanted it. And then it turned out to be hilarious, even doing well enough at the box office to warrant, yes, another. So Untitled Three Stooges Sequel is currently on, with all three original stars back for more: Sean Hayes as Larry, Will Sasso as Curly, and Diamantopoulos as Moe. There’s also talk of an as-yet-unnamed A-list action star joining the nyuk-nyuk-nyuks, but what there isn’t talk of, just yet anyway, is involvement from the Farrellys, which causes us more than a little concern. Young screenwriter Cameron Fay (Brother Nature) is attached, and it’s all just now been announced, so there’s still time to reunite the original team. In any case, we’ll be waiting in good faith for comedy lightning to strike twice sometime in 2018.


Guillermo Diaz is The Dating Game Killer

Back in 1978, a young photographer named Rodney Alcala appeared as a contestant on The Dating Game, and he answered the bachelorette’s questions so well that he became Bachelor No. 1. His appearance still lives on the internet in a choppy video, but it won’t bring you any joy to watch it. That’s because Alcala was a serial killer and, at the time of his visit to the game show, already in the middle of a Los Angeles murder rampage that took what authorities consider to be dozens of lives, resulting in one 1980 conviction for the death of a 12-year-old girl (he remains in prison to this day). Because the public has a seemingly endless fascination with serial killers, his story will now be the subject of a TV movie, The Dating Game Killer. From veteran television director Peter Medak (Hannibal, Breaking Bad) the log line for the film suggests that it will center on a victim’s family members seeking justice. And starring as the notorious Alcala? Scandal star Guillermo Diaz, taking a very daring risk playing a real life character as loathsome and terrifying as this. There’s no word yet what network will host the finished movie, and it sure is a long way from Party Girl for Diaz, but we’ll be glued to the set when it finally airs all the same.


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