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Kesha to LGBT community: ”Rainbow’ was made for you.’

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By Kesha

My new album is called Rainbow and it’s not a coincidence that rainbows are also a symbol of LGBTQ pride. Color for the past couple of years has been symbolic of hope for me. For me, rainbows are a sign of freedom to be yourself and celebrate who you are no matter what anyone else thinks.

I have always felt like an outsider and have felt that I need to justify who I am and why I am how I am, and I feel like, unfortunately, that is a pretty common occurrence for people within the LGBTQ community as well. The LGBTQ community has always been an important part of my life and has always influenced my art, and I feel like it’s as evident as ever on this album.

With the song “Hymn” in particular, I wrote many of those lyrics as I was recalling times I had gone into the streets to march for equality. Lines like, “Go and read about us in the news…. After all we’ve been through, no we won’t stand and salute…. If we die before we wake, who we are is no mistake, this is just the way we are made,” were written specifically about the idea of fighting for equality.

I personally will never stop fighting for equality for all humans and specifically for the LGBTQ community because I know what it feels like to be bullied for just being yourself, and I know that so many in the LGBTQ community have it so much worse than I could ever imagine. That’s why I have rainbows painted all over my body and my house and everything else, because rainbows inspire so much joy and hope and light and happiness; and I hope the LGBTQ community identifies with my album Rainbow, because it was made for you.

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