Man charged with murder of Jamaica’s “The Face of Pride,” Dexter Pottinger

The Constant Spring Police have formally charged the man who was implicated in the brutal slaying on Aug. 31 of Dexter Pottinger, a 34-year-old Jamaica LGBT activist, fashion designer. Charged with murder is 21-year-old Romario Brown, a tattoo and make-up artist, and is scheduled to appear in the St. Andrew Parish Court later this month.

The lack of information released to the public about the Brown and  his motive behind Pottinger’s murder since the arrest had led to speculation on social media, such as Instagram, about whether it’s a disgruntled lover, a woman, or if the suspect is underage. Accusations against a Jamaican comedian called ‘Quite’ Perry (who was reported by a colleague to be the last person seen with Pottinger) were also released to the news outlet Loop Jamaica:

Last week, Pottinger was murdered in his home in Kingston, Jamaica. Neighbors had heard screams for help, screams of “murder!” which ironically fell on deaf ears as the neighbors did nothing — a similar reaction to the 1964 murder of Kitty Genovese, a lesbian, who screamed for help outside her New York City apartment building while most neighbors did nothing.

Maurice Tomlinson, a Jamaican LGBT activist now living in Canada after threats on his own life, wrote on his Facebook page, “To die knowing that your neighbors heard you screaming murder but did nothing.” “The horror.”

Now, some friends of Pottinger, who was dubbed “the face of Pride” in 2016, say that his neighbors did nothing because he was gay. However, reports indicate that Pottinger’s Honda CRV was found miles from his home in Stony Hill, where Brown lives, and that a television and two iPhones were missing from within the house, meaning either the murder could have been unrelated to his sexuality or the theft was used as a smokescreen.

“What is distressing is the speed with which many have rushed to blame his orientation for his murder,” Tomlinson told The Daily Beast. “This underscores the homophobia that still permeates Jamaica.”

While strides to inclusiveness have been made, homosexuality is still against the law in Jamaica.

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