National Coming Out Day

‘Letter to Myself’ series offers NCOD advice (cont.)

Logo, the Emmy award-winning and leading entertainment brand inspired by the LGBT community and NewNowNext, the network’s home for LGBT pop culture and news, premieres their inaugural editorial series, “Letter To Myself.”  The NewNowNext series celebrates National Coming Out Day, Oct. 11, and features letters penned by prominent figures in the LGBTQ community to their younger selves, which provide insight, advice, praise and/or comfort that they wish they had back then.

Anti-Conversion Therapy Activist Mathew Shurka: “It’s Nonsense, Trust Your Heart” 

 There is nothing wrong with you. Don’t feel ashamed. You are discovering your body and falling in love for the first time. It’s actually really exciting!

Your therapist is doing everything he can to make you straight. It’s nonsense. Trust your heart instead. Your parents are only putting you in conversion therapy because they’re scared and don’t know what to do. Tell them who you are. Tell them you’re gay. Don’t second guess yourself. Tell them you’re going to be great. Tell them you love them and not to worry. REALLY. Tell them not to worry. It will be tough, but they will ease off. You are strong and courageous, remember that. There will be nothing you can’t take on.

You need to remember this most when you are contemplating suicide. Don’t let the suicidal thoughts take over. They’re just thoughts, and you’re feeling stuck. It’s okay. Instead, spend time with the people who make you smile most. Spend time with people who show you unconditional love. This is crucial. Unconditional love does exist. Have sex. Don’t be scared. Don’t take the Viagra pills as your therapist says. You don’t have erectile dysfunction. You’re just attracted to men, nothing else. Take your time with men. You will get comfortable.

Make it work with your family and friends. If it doesn’t, you will make new family and friends. This is the core of your life. Your immediate environment will keep you strong. Never forget that. Show love to everyone you meet. If they’re nasty, then what they need is more love.


Actor Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman: “Remember [These] Three Words”

Dear Jeffrey,

You are right. Remember those three words. Everything your instincts and intuition are telling you about who you are and which direction to move in are 100% correct. No matter the messages the world may be feeding you, there is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken or in need of fixing. You are love. You are light. You are right. Go towards what feels good, what fills you with love and what feels right. Celebrate yourself, and love each other. I love you.

xo, JBC


Reality Star Jazz Jennings: “To Her 5-Year-Old Self And Other Trans Youth”

Dear 5-Year-Old Jazz,

I know that so many people attempt to cloud the purity of your happiness with their tenacious hatred. I know that your eyes glisten with hope, yet they will still be denied by the intolerance of society. I know that your heart beats with the gratifying rhythm of freedom yet so many others prefer the trepidatious sound of fear or the unrelenting drum of cruelty. However, let that hope in your eyes and the love in your heart continuously be confident that one day everyone will be able to hear that alluring melody of freedom. Continue to smile big and move forward in the direction of progress, for you will see change be brought upon this world—a change that you will help create.

Your 16-Year-Old Self

More of the series “Letter to Myself” will be posted to over the next couple of days. To view the complete series now, click here: “Letter To Myself.”

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