Man arrested for the murder of Matt Holt pleads guilty

The man arrested for the murder of Matt Holt accepted a plea deal in court Wednesday. Jeffery Shepherd’s attorney entered the plea, which reduced an aggravated murder charge to murder, taking the death penalty of the table. He faces 15 years to life for the crime.

Shepherd, 35, was arrested May 15 in his home in Tooele for the Easter Sunday murder of Holt in the area of 3200 South and 9th West. Shepard was originally charged with suspicion of first degree murder, first degree aggravated robbery, and second degree felony tampering with evidence counts. A probable cause statement said that he waived his Miranda rights and confessed that he demanded cash from Holt at gunpoint and shot him after he received the money. He disposed of the shell casing and gun as well as his clothing and washed the blood from his car.

The plea deal means the public will not learn the details of the murder, but also spares friends and family of a trial.

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