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Brokeback Mountain: A SLC family ‘glamping’ edition

Salt Lake City couple, Devon Gibby and Rob Zimmerman, are raising two sons, and the couple was recently named in’s “Meet 16 Gay Dads Of Instagram.” The blurb captioning an adorable photo of the family, reads: In addition to raising their two sons, Devon Gibby and Rob Zimmerman volunteer as LGBT youth mentors. They recently helped install the landscape at the Encircle Resource Center, which provides a safe space for queer youth in Provo, Utah. (Devon was also involved in conceiving the design.)

Devon, a return-Mormon missionary, was a newly divorced single dad when he and Rob, from Mesa, Ariz., met online. After several months of long-distance dating, they began their lives together in Salt Lake City. In addition to being dads, Devon is a landscape designer, and Rob is social media “ninja,” (a more current term for entrepreneur?), an actor and filmmaker, and freelance video editor. On weekends that the kids are with their mom, the couple volunteers for LGBTQ organizations doing youth mentoring and empowerment.

The family loves spending their time together traveling, going on weekend outings, and sharing their lives with others in the hope that they will inspire people to embrace families and relationships in all their forms. In a blog post on their site,, Rob revels a newly-founded form of travel.

“I know what your think, Glamping is the gayest thing you’ve ever heard of. Additionally, packing “cute” clothes for a camping trip just to have your favorite linen shirt tainted with the acrid smell of campfire musk for weeks is not high on your priority list.

Just hear me out. I (Rob) am decidedly “indoorsy.” Having grown up going on countless scout trips and father-son camp outs, maybe I associate camping with feelings of insecurity and inferiority surrounding what I perceived as “masculinity.” Maybe I am just a spoiled millennial who likes hot showers and pillow-top king mattresses too much. Regardless, this trip was the best middle ground for me and Devon. Devon LOVES camping. IDK why. So we found this place that gave me my showers and king mattress AND campfires (which a “campfire valet” came to light for us) and wilderness.”

For any of you who stress about camping (or glamping) with kids — don’t. Being out in the wilderness gives kids endless opportunities to explore. The boys had so many new things to see and paths to follow and hills to climb that they hardly even thought to ask to play a game on one of our smartphones.”

When Devon and Rob aren’t volunteering for LGBTQ youth or glamping fabulously with their sons, they sell a line of  ‘Dads Not Dad’ T-shirts, #DadSquad2017, of which a portion of the proceeds goes to The Trevor Project.


Photo Credits: That Maya Girl Photography

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