General election results good for Utah LGBT candidates and allies

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Salt Lake City Council’s LGBT contingent grew by one, and eight of Equality Utah’s picks for LGBT-inclusive candidates won their seats in the most recent election, held Tuesday, Nov. 7 across the state.

Equality Utah-endorsed candidates who successfully earned their seats include Chris Wharton, Salt Lake City Council District 3; Erin Mendenhall, Salt Lake City Council District 5; Amy Fowler, Salt Lake City Council District 7; Marcia White, Ogden City Council at-large A; Andy Beerman, Park City Mayor; Dustin Gettel, Midvale City Council District 5; Mariah S. Elliot, Ivins City Council; and Corey Thomas, South Salt Lake City Council District 2.

EU-endorsed candidates who did not make it through the election include Sophia Hawes-Tingey for Midvale Mayor, Mark Kindred for South Salt Lake Mayor; Taylor Knuth for Ogden City Council Ward 3; Nina Morse for West Haven City Council At-Large (a graphic posted by Equality Utah erroneously showed her as winning her seat); Nicole Butler, Perry City Council at-large; Robert Eberhard for Clinton City Council at-large; Tinesha Zandamela, Provo City Council District 5; and Aaron Frost, South Salt Lake City Council at-large.

Salt Lake City Council

Salt Lake civil rights attorney Christopher Wharton won his bid to replace outgoing Salt Lake City Councilman Stan Penfold in District 3 — Avenues and Capitol Hill — besting long-time community activist Phil Carroll 56 to 44 percent.

Wharton served two terms on the Salt Lake City Human Rights Commission, where he helped establish the state’s first non-discrimination ordinances for housing and employment. He also served on the Utah Pride Center Board of Directors, where he led a nationwide coalition of organizations in filing an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court calling for equal treatment of LGBTQ families under the law.

Public defender and co-founder of the LGBT & Allied Lawyers of Utah Amy Fowler handily defeated telecom executive Abe Smith for Salt Lake City Council District 7 with 63 percent of the vote.

Ogden City Council

Healthcare consultant Marcia White, who lives with her partner of 22 years, Nancy L. Knape, easily won re-election with 65 percent of the vote over Lew Wheelwright. White has served as chair of the city council for the past four years.

The following election results are preliminary for races followed by QSaltLake. LGBT, LGBT-friendly or Equality Utah-endorsed candidates in bold.

3rd Congressional Seat

JOHN CURTIS (R) 57.97%
JOE BUCHMAN (L) 02.19%

Midvale Mayor


Midvale City Council District 5

DUSTIN GETTEL 332 58.04%
STEPHEN BROWN 240 41.96%

Salt Lake City Council District 3


South Salt Lake Mayor

CHERIE WOOD 1166 52.08%
MARK C. KINDRED 1063 47.48%
Write-in Votes 10 0.45%

Ogden City Council Municipal Ward 3

Stephens, Doug 58.63%
Knuth, Taylor 41.37%

Ogden City Council – At Large A

White, Marcia 65.19%
Wheelwright, Lew A 34.81%

West Haven City Council

Hunter, Randy  30.06%
Smith, Shawn L.  21.42%
Vanderwood, Rob  29.40%
Morse, Nina  19.12%

Perry City Council

Nicole Butler 20.74%
Esther Montgomery 26.56%
Boyd Montgomery 10.78%
Andrew Watkins 41.93%

Ivins City Council

The city of Ivins declared Miriah R. Elliott won election on Sept 26, 2017

Clinton City Council

K. PETERSON 45.32%
M. PETERSEN 28.48%
R. EBERHARD 26.20%

Provo City Council District 5

David Harding 60%
Tinesha Zandamela 40%

Park City Mayor

Andy Beerman defeated former mayor Dana Williams with 54 percent of the vote.

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