QSaltLake’s ‘Make it Better” spotlight person: Roadside librarian helping Utah’s LGBT community

From rural Chickaloon, Alaska to bustling Boston, Massachusetts, a new fad is making it’s way across the country, “little free libraries.” One Utah resident, Ron Steckler, constructed one of these little birdhouse-like gems (but they don’t actually hang from a tree limb as far as we know) in his front yard in 2016, and he calls it the Millbridge Reading Exchange. The idea behind it is based on an honor system to either return or replace a book or movie at any curbside library.

To get the pages turning, Steckler posted a “grand opening” of his little free library on Facebook, with an explanation of how it works:

If you see something you’d like to read, take it! It’s for you. Some books include a note about who gave it or has read it. You may leave your own note in it when you’re done.

When you’re finished with a book, you may pass it along to a friend or return it to this Library or any other Little Free Library.

Your books are welcome at any Little Free Library. If your local Library is full, there may be another Library nearby that could use them. Especially desired are books you recommend to friends, your childhood favorites, and books that teach and spark conversation.

“I operate a little free library in our front yard. Lots of kids use it and the LGBT materials go fast. No one has vandalized it or abused it. Neighbors stop and thank me,” Steckler posted.

This is why Steckler is considered one of QSaltLake’s spotlight Utah persons that helps people in the LGBT community.

Learn more about little library giveaways, little library building kits and more at LittleFreeLibrary.org

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