Queer Shift

Mo or no, jump the bowl

Exiting the Mormon church is hard. It doesn’t have to be. Leaving Mormonism can affect everything from your family relationships to your social structure to the number of likes on your social media posts. It doesn’t have to be. You’ll discover who your real friends are, and those who are fair weather, perhaps even toxic once you leave. The experience, while possibly unsettling, changes you as a person for the better, and will ultimately lead to greater happiness, courage and authenticity than you ever imagined.

Some need to ask yourselves when it comes to leaving Mormonism. Relax, clear your mind and answer truthfully (according to your truth) with a simple Yes or No:

  1. Has Mormonism been the only organized religion you’ve ever associated with as a member?
  2. Has your childhood, adolescence, young adult and adult life been centered in Mormonism?
  3. Have you ever evaluated or seriously thought about Mormonism as an entire life (womb to tomb) religion?
  4. Have you ever contemplated and analyzed that the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Mormonism are two entirely different things?
  5. Have you ever contemplated and really pondered that religion and spirituality are two uniquely separate and sustainable things?
  6. In your opinion, is Mormonism a religion of equality?
  7. Are all accepted in Mormonism with full blessings, valuing their differences, and an equal, progressive path in the religion? (women, people of color, all sexual orientations, other minorities, and the oppressed)
  8. In your opinion, does the highest levels of leadership in Mormonism truly reflect the whole of its members?
  9. Have you ever had doubt that parts of Mormonism are not true within your own soul? Have you brushed those doubts aside?
  10. Honestly, Have you ever felt Mormonism is an end-of-times cult?
  11. When it comes to choice, do you feel Mormonism stands firmly behind this principle, or do you often feel Mormonism is centered around control and conformity?
  12. Have you, or someone you know, suffered consequences (regarding membership, social inclusion, employment, housing, etc.) because of leaving Mormonism?
  13. Do you have a personal life operating system (LOS) that you’ve created and live by, other than the system Mormonism imposes?
  14. In your opinion, do you feel the highest level leaders of Mormonism fairly represent the world we live in? (gender, generations, race, age, culture, etc.)
  15. Is your authentic voice equal or less than those in your family, particularly your parents?
  16. Have you seriously attempted separating emotion from spiritual feelings; is there confusion between the two? How about feelings and human emotions versus a spiritual experience?
  17. Were you old enough to be baptized at age 8? Were you self-aware enough to understand the meaning of testimony, the holy ghost, etc?
  18. Have you ever pondered the meaning and implications of the statement “the one and only true church,” especially when it connotes exclusion and having all truth in just one religion?
  19. Do you believe that God intervenes in politics, nature, natural disasters, elections, health, religions?
  20. Have you considered that general happiness in life is up to your choices, decisions and goals versus abdicating your happiness to a Mormon way of life?

You can reinvent yourself without Mormonism in your life. Have your life as you would have it be. Embrace yourself and your newly discovered happiness. Jump the bowl!

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