December 2017


Don’t let a rumor get out of hand. People talk, but that doesn’t imply much thought on their part. Set the record straight, but don’t get too wild in your defense. Less is more in this case. Find a hobby or pastime that gets your mind focused on the tasks you want to accomplish. Life is all about give and take, so take it away, Aries!


Things have been a tad hectic lately regarding a friendly matter. It may be time to simply get out of the way. Take a moment to adjust and prepare to start over soon. The social scene is getting a tad too cozy, so put the focus on one or two friends instead. Nothing says you have to be there all the time for other people now.


Something you created is stirring up a lot of talk. Whether it is an art piece or a writing composition, it’s getting noticed. While not all the feedback is good, the exposure should be very much welcome. Take time to let others say what they think, and give some thought before providing a tactful response. Be the bigger person.


When times get tough, get tougher. There is an aggressive nature to those around you and it’s starting to take a toll. Don’t settle for less and demonstrate to others what you see in them. If things get too unbearable with a friend, walk away for a bit. There isn’t enough time in life for everyone’s demands, so lay down the law.


Career has always been important and you need to be at the top of the chain. Being new or stuck at the bottom has never been okay, but keep in mind that value is determined by character, not rank. Thrive where you are and satisfaction you seek will come. Stay low and don’t ruffle feathers too much with a helpfully coworker.


No one said a relationship or close friendship is easy so don’t pretend that a smooth ride was promised. Get a grip and re-organize if life is getting bit messy. There is nothing wrong with the scattered ways of others if you can find solid ground. Spend time alone and enjoy the solo life for a while if you must to find pleasure.


A tidy little box of love doesn’t really contain the emotional complexity you desire. Make it a point to break the mold and create something new and exciting. While it may seem hard on someone you care about, it is all about you right now. Don’t alienate those who matter, but don’t forget that you might owe an explanation.


While the perception of others isn’t important to you, keep in mind that others see you as high maintenance at times. Don’t be someone else’s problem and make sure to keep your attitude in check. It’s not all about you at this time and that is to your benefit. A good friend is planning a surprise for you and it’s going to be fun.


Before judging someone else, make sure your nose is clean. The desire to defend could put you in the middle of a feud you weren’t expecting. Be objective and realize that you are no better or worse than someone else. If that means accepting flaws as a part of life, so be it. At least you’ll know you have integrity and good spirits.


Don’t go to extremes, but find middle ground to accomplish a long-desired goal. Black and white is simply the basics of thinking. In order to find a balance, compromise is key. Figure out what you really want, and make a play for it when working with others. It may not turn out exactly as planned, which may be better.


The key to a problem lies within an emotional attachment you’ve been ignoring. Family and friends try to show what it means to be cared for, leading to a rebellious act that isn’t required. Instead, show gratitude and share what independence means to you. The more you try and fight, the less likely you are to prevail. So chill.


Something has been bothering you, but it’s possibly an overreaction. A friendship or work relationship has been challenging a perception that may actually be unwise. There is more to the situation than it seems and a questioning of faith is bound to occur. Don’t worry. There is no wrong position to be in right now, so experiment.

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