News Briefs: Senseless 8

8. Staggering new poll shows majority of LGBTQ Americans have experienced harassment, violence
National Public Radio, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has found, in a new poll, that 57 percent of LGBTQ Americans have personally experienced slurs based on their identity. Fifty-one percent say they or an LGBTQ friend or family member has experienced violence based on their identity.

7. Michigan Civil Rights Commission tables anti-discrimination bill
The commission this week declined again to act on a request from Equality Michigan to affirm that discrimination against LGBT people in employment, housing and public accommodations is illegal under Michigan state law.

6. Moscow man injures 6 in an LGBT attack
Six people were injured on November 18 when a man threw an unknown substance at LGBT rights advocates in Moscow, following a non-publicized conference on LGBT families. The unknown assailant is still at large, and the substance used has not been confirmed. While police and medics were called in, there are doubts any substantive investigation will take place.

5. Vandalism of LGBT advocacy offices on the rise
Windows at an Oklahoma LGBT advocacy group were riddled with bullets over the weekend. This is the most recent attack on LGBT service outlets that has swept the country in the last 16 months, including in Dallas, New Jersey, Topeka and Florida.

4. Trans woman sues State of Massachusetts penal system
A trans woman alleges she was sexually assaulted and verbally harassed while incarcerated at a Massachusetts male prison. She also claims requests that her proper name and pronouns be used, and that she be moved to a women’s facility, fell on deaf ears.

3. Trump-Pence’s five-finger discount on LGBT liberties
Jeff Mateer, Damien Schiff, Leonard Steven Grasz, Mark Norris and Stephen Schwartz are the Trump-Pence Administration’s judicial nominees that could seriously threaten the future of LGBTQ equality in America.

2. Republican reality: Reform, never ever conform
Senate Republican leadership says they will add repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) individual mandate to their tax “reform” bill, which would strip health insurance away from millions — including countless LGBT people — while providing billions in tax cuts to the top one percent.

1. Roy Moore rally lambastes LGBT inclusion as ‘homosexualist gay terrorism’
At a rally supporting Roy Moore’s nomination for the U.S. Senate last weekend in Birmingham, Ala., anti-gay statements swept the crowd about the “LGBT mafia” and “homosexualist gay terrorism.” Additionally, “homosexual sodomy” was called destructive and same-marriage is “phony and fake.”

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