Ten years later: ‘Survivor’ winner Todd Herzog

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Ten years ago today, QSaltLake Magazine ran a story on Todd Herzog, the then-22-year-old Pleasant Grove native and former Sky West flight attendant who became Survivor’s youngest openly gay winner at the close of the 2007 season, Survivor: China. Our JoSelle Vanderhooft (who has recently returned to QSaltLake) interviewed him shortly after as he was driving home from a Utah car dealership, having used some of his winnings to buy a Mazda RX8.

Todd Herzog, December 2017 from his Facebook page.

Now, ten years later, Herzog has been in and out of the media, but for another survivorship story. He repeatedly was on the Dr. Phil Show, struggling with alcoholism, relapsing twice and ending up in hospitals, once blowing a 0.5 on a Breathalyzer and the second time a 0.32.

Last month, Herzog interviewed with strategic reality show blogger Rob Cesternino, where he says he had been living sober for “about a year,” having decided on his own that it was time.

You can listen to the podcast at: robhasawebsite.com/survivor-35-heroes-v-healers-v-hustlers-episode-8-recap-todd-herzog/


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