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Teaser: Carson Jones, The Zaddy Zookeeper

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In an exclusive new interview, Alabama Senator-elect Doug Jones’ son, Carson Jones talked with Hornet Stories’ Alexander Kacala and explained what he learned through his father’s senate race and what it’s like to have a new social following.

Interview quotes from the Instagram zaddy:

On what he learned through his father’s campaign:
“Alabama really can change. I was definitely very pessimistic before the victory and while I saw Alabama changing, it was very very slow. This victory was just so monumental that it really demonstrates that my home state can and will be a place that puts people first.”

 On the possibility of becoming an LGBT politician:
“I honestly have no idea what the cards will hold later on. I absolutely love what I do now as a zookeeper and really can’t ever imagine leaving the field. This has been my passion since I was about five years old and I’m finally getting to do some really amazing things with animals and to inspire conservation action. But all that being said, I’ve always been interested in politics, so nothing is getting ruled out for sure.”

On his craziest DMs from new followers:
“Honestly, everyone has been surprisingly tame. No dick pics or anything. Lots of marriage proposals but also a lot of really amazing supportive messages. I definitely get a lot of “ZADDY” comments. I honestly had no idea what that meant and had to look it up. And now my close friends are trolling my Instagram and commenting “ZADDY” everywhere. (Laughs)”

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