January QScopes


Stick to what you know and get better at it. Practice is the key to success and happiness, so pick one thing and put the rest aside. Friends will feel lucky to have you in their life, and they’ll be sure to tell you about it. Don’t become too comfortable though, because tough times are merely a part of life.


Creativity hasn’t been flowing as easily as it usually does. This is due to a dulling of the senses, and it’s time for a different point of view. Take this opportunity to reexamine the world. Come up with new ideas without trying too hard. The best visions come naturally, and the next great inspiration is just around the corner.


There is always much to do, and it is hard to keep track of it. The point will come to pick and choose activities and putting people on the back burners for a while. Don’t worry about upsetting friends who matter because they understand how much variety means to you. Just don’t leave them out there for too long.


The idea of vacationing is tempting, even if the timing is wrong. Soak in a hot tub or go to a spa. That might be all you need. The call of career is one you enjoy hearing, but it can be overwhelming. Remember that a deadline has a way of focusing the mind, but there is nothing wrong with putting focus on hold.


Someone has the ability to make you mad, but it happens to be someone you love very much! There lies the conflict because you can’t shut them out like you would most adversaries. Have a frank discussion about the behaviors that bother you and see if you can teach this person how to treat you. It’s worth a shot.


Have faith that the best things in life will present themselves, but don’t rely on it. It’s a good time to renew your commitment to being happy. A project has been a good source of frustration, so take a break and work on making it work for you. Inner peace comes by finding the best pleasures coming from yourself.


A lull in the action is expected this time of year. Enjoy it and go have fun. Get financial matters in order and work on a personal endeavor. A work matter is boring and it won’t be long before it doesn’t matter at all anymore. That’s perfectly fine. Life is all about changes, but the core of life will always be there.


It might as well be mating season because you are running wild. Be safe. Don’t rush into a bad situation and keep your outlook light and airy. Others are going to have a good time too, but be aware that feelings are always a factor. The more you engage, the more likely those in your life will expect more too.


Don’t escape from the world. Change a bad situation instead. It may seem challenging to make it work, but have faith that it will. The longer you let ill-tempered people control you, the worse it’s going to get. Killing with kindness never works the people you work with, so either tell them where to go or move on.


A sense of stability has been lost. Keep in mind that you’ve traded one sense of security for another. Things are going better than you think. Stay focused on a goal that is creating wishful thinking and try to keep it real. While it is fun to imagine the possibilities, don’t lose yourself in the process either.


It feels really good to think of telling a bad friend where to stick it, but you’ll have more fun sticking it to them instead. Work off tension with good old fashioned passion and things will improve. There is a lot of baggage and worries in life right now, but not as dire as it appears. Stay strong, things will flow.


It seems as if the people who matter most have retreated after an exhausting holiday, so take the alone time at face value and relax. There is nothing wrong with going solo for a bit. In fact, you may find it preferable. No one is going to be gone for long, so be ready for when things return to normal very soon.

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