Peter Christie elected to International Court council

Community leader and former Emperor of the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire, Peter Christie was appointed to the Privy Council of the International Court System.

The RCGSE is a stalwart of Utah’s LGBT community since its founding in 1976. Organized around a “Court” system, the group has “elected” royal titles. It is a chapter of the ICS, which has affiliations in 68 cities in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Peter was first chosen as King of Hearts, a pageant title, in 1991. He then was named Mr. Gay Utah from 1992–1993. In 1993 he was chosen as Prince Royale XVIII and became Emperor XX in 1995.

Peter is well known as a principal figure at Ballet West. His career as a dancer, teacher, and administrator with Ballet West began in 1982 when then-artistic director Bruce Marks met him at a New York City audition and asked him to come to Utah.

What could have been a career-ending injury — shattering knee cartilage while dancing — had turned into an opportunity. Ballet West asked him to develop a position teaching public school students about ballet and dance. In his first year, Peter launched ICANDO, an acronym for “Inspiring Children About Not Dropping Out,” designed to teach movement in elementary schools, (primarily a Dance 101). The program still runs today offering almost 500 hours of classroom instruction.

He was also director of the Ballet West Academy, growing the program from one studio to eight, and increasing the enrollment by 70 percent.

As Emperor, Peter built community and out-of-state relationships with other chapters which would bring him and his Empress Sheneka Christie one of the highest attended Coronations when they stepped down.

At the end of his term, Peter committed the RCGSE to create the “Drive of the Spike Scholarship Fund” to assist students financially and achieve future success through education.

After his term as Emperor, Peter was selected “Heir Apparent” from Salt Lake City to serve on the International Court Council. He worked with the previous leader and founder of the ICS, Empress I Jose’ Sarria also known as “Mama Jose’’ and “The Widow Norton.”

“Through the years, Peter has continued to offer guidance, wisdom, and support to the RCGSE, the board of directors, and the reigning Emperor and Empress,” said the current RCGSE Empress Tiana La Shaé. “It is an honor for Peter to be appointed to the Privy Council this year and the City of Salt Lake and the RCGSE are very proud to have Peter represent us in this capacity.”

The Privy Council is an advisory board affiliated with the ICS. He will work with ICS Queen Mother I of the Americas Nicole the Great. Peter is among 47 individuals to work with the Queen Mother and give input or feedback on organizational matters.

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