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Carrie Brownstein will Search and Destroy for Hulu

Bisexual punk rock icon and TV sketch comedy star Carrie Brownstein, of Sleater-Kinney and Portlandia fame, respectively, is hard at work on her new TV series, one that will bring the two halves of her working life together. It’s called Search and Destroy, based on her 2015 memoir, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, and Hulu’s got it. This news does not permit you to skip reading the book, however, because the series, as of this moment, is considered a “loose” adaptation. That means it’s not exactly going to be “The Sleater-Kinney Story,” but it will at least be the story of underground rock in the ’90s from a bisexual female perspective, with all the Riot Grrrl-ing that entails. We’re daydreaming about it already, thinking of all the great rock ‘n’ roll women who could make cameo appearances. Bookmark this one in your brain; it has the potential to be legendary.

Ben Platt meets Barbra Streisand. Anything else you need to know?

Ben Platt, Tony Award-winning star of Dear Evan Hanson as well as the Pitch Perfect movies, is everybody’s favorite “Broadway Baby” right now. And Ryan Murphy, TV mega-producer and a one-man employment agency for actors, has taken notice. He’s cast Platt in the starring role in his next TV project, The Politician. Netflix has already picked up the comedy series for two seasons, and it will somehow revolve around a Southern California politician who sings and dances because that makes perfect sense in the world of Ryan Murphy. But frankly, we’re going to show up for the Queen Mother of Singing, Barbra Streisand, who’s in talks to co-star and direct some episodes. Gwyneth Paltrow is also somehow possibly involved because she goes back with Murphy to the Running With Scissors days, and because she also sings and sometimes acts when she’s not busy selling weird fake-science snake oil to rich people with her Goop empire. We don’t care as much about her. Barbra Barbra Barbra!

Taraji P. Henson meets Nancy Meyers, and it’s about time

Remember that ridiculous Nancy Meyers movie from 2000, What Women Want? It was the one where Helen Hunt was doomed to fall in love with Mel Gibson because he could magically read women’s minds and trick her into being with him. Well, 18 years have passed, and now director Adam Shankman (Hairspray) is taking that movie, flipping it upside down, and casting Taraji P. Henson in the Gibson role. What Men Want will follow the Academy-Award nominee and Empire star as a sports agent in a male-dominated profession. When she develops the ability to read men’s thoughts, she’s able to gain the upper hand and beat the pack in signing an NBA superstar. We approve of any remake that turns an idiotic male character into a (presumably less idiotic) female character. So far, Henson is the only cast member to make her participation official, but hold your questions and skepticism and check back in a year from now: the scheduled release date is January 2019.

Candis Cayne coming to Grey’s Anatomy

When Candis Cayne (Transparent, I Am Cait) makes her debut on Grey’s Anatomy during season 14 in a multi-episode arc, she’ll be in good company on a show that isn’t brand new to showcasing trans stories. Transgender actor Alex Blue Davis already appears on the series as Dr. Casey Parker, a young intern who intervenes a hacking attempt on hospital records. Somewhat more traditionally, perhaps, Cayne’s episodes will focus on a real-life development in transgender confirmation surgery, and she’ll play a patient who undergoes this new advancement in vaginoplasty. Davis’ storyline, only occasionally related to his identity as a trans man, and Cayne’s, which is directly about that identity and its varied physical representations, are all part of a decision by the Grey’s creative team to bring trans stories to television in fresh ways. It’s a welcome, important, shift in primetime network television, and we’re ready and waiting for other shows to follow in its wake.

Romeo San Vicente misses Katherine Heigl and Sandra Oh on that show. You do too.

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