Video: Wyoming Equality parodies HB 167

Representatives Lars Lone, R–Laramie, and Roy Edwards, R–Campbell, have sponsored HB 167, the Marriage and Constitution Restoration Act, and it is an absurd mess. It seeks to criminalize same-sex marriage. It calls our marriages a “sham” and despite seeking to outlaw same-sex marriage, in Section 1(B) the bill asserts that we actually do have the right to marry, but our marriages must be classified as “parody” marriages. It’s just bananas.

Can you imagine this bill passing in the “Live and Let Live State”? They can’t either. So with their friends at the ACLU, they decided to poke a little fun at it. If you’ve seen Jimmy Kimmel’s, “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” you’ll recognize where we got the idea for our, well … parody. Only this one, unlike this mean little bill, is actually funny.


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