Jenny Wilson response to Mitt Romney’s bid for Utah Senate

The ‘Mitts’ are off for the Utah Senate seat recently ‘Hatch’ed for the taking, and ‘Jenny from the Block’ is all in it to win it

Michigan native and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney announced today he would be running for the Utah Senate seat left open by Orrin Hatch’s retirement. “I am running for United States Senate to serve the people of Utah and bring Utah’s values to Washington,” Romney tweeted this morning, making the case that Utah’s distinctive brand of conservatism could offer a better way forward for the GOP and the nation.

Salt Lake County Councilwoman Jenny Wilson called Romney out in an email blast: Even though there are almost nine months left until Election Day, some people seem to think Mitt already has the race sewn up. Some might even be wondering — why bother running against him?

I’ll tell you why, because this Senate seat belongs to the people of Utah, and making sure our families are well served is worth fighting for.

The people of Utah need someone fighting for them who’s from here, who’s spent her life working here, who will understand and focus on us and our needs, and who can bring a new perspective to Washington — not a political opportunist who’s already a part of the DC establishment.

In Utah, we’ve gotten used to feeling like things will never change. Orrin Hatch being in office for 40 years will do that to you.

And we’ll only get more of the same if we allow another career politician to slide into our state now, acting like he can walk off with this seat like it’s his personal trophy—just by changing his Twitter address to Utah (We all saw you do that, Mitt).

I understand why people might think this race is Mitt’s for the taking. But it’s not. It’s the voters’ race to decide.

After all the victories of 2017, including Democrat Doug Jones’ huge unexpected victory in Alabama, I’m done believing in inevitable outcomes. Even for Mitt.

Utahns deserve a homegrown leader who reflects and is in touch with their experiences and their values. Who cares about working people, who answers to no one but us, and who represents Utah’s future — not its past.

The last thing we need is another six years of someone more concerned with the needs of his wealthy friends, donors, and corporate backers than those of our families.

I know because I’ve heard it directly from you all. I’ve spent the last seven months campaigning, traveling the state, talking with people about their needs, and spreading my message — and nothing about that is going to change now.

I welcome Mitt to the race, and I feel confident that this team will step up to give him a fierce battle. He may think this seat is already his, but he hasn’t yet seen the strength or determination of this team, or just how much people in Utah are ready for a change. So let’s show him what we’ve got.

I’m from Utah, for Utah. And I’m all in.

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