Pro- and anti-marital rights acts die in Wyoming House

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HB 167 was a policy relating to marriage and sexual orientation; prohibiting any state action that treats sexual orientation as a suspect class; prohibiting the state and its political subdivisions from granting, endorsing, respecting or recognizing any marriage not between a man and woman; providing legislative findings; and providing for an effective date. In the policy, same-sex marriage is called “parody marriage.”

On Friday, Executive Director of Wyoming Equality Sara Burlingame wrote: I am sitting in the House antechamber, and they just announced that no new bills would be introduced this session. Folks, HB 167 is DEAD. Thanks to everyone who wrote and called their legislators, who shared our video and spoke out against it. We knew that this bill had almost no chance of passing, but we thought it would be introduced. But not on your watch. Thanks to your calls and emails it failed to be introduced, a humiliating but appropriate defeat for a bill that should never have been written.

The bad news is that HB 190, the Codification of Marriage Bill that would have updated our statutes to recognize the legal reality of same-sex marriage has also failed, she continued. We knew it was a long shot in a budget session, but we were hoping for an opportunity to enlarge the conversation. Next year, in general session we will have a real shot at it.

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