A podcast on Rainbow Mutual, a family reenvisions a Mormon tradition

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Podcast Changing Our Stories and Utah Public Radio finished a four-part series, LGBTQ Off the Grid, with a feature on Heidi and Phil Berry and their son Abram, who created what they call Rainbow Mutual, a play on the Mormon Church program for teens.

“I am quite proud of the wordplay,” Abram says in the interview. “It’s the bringing together of very contrasting ideas. It’s a fun juxtaposition of my two worlds.”

Interviewer and executive producer Andrea Smardon talks to the Berrys and Dave Jensen, who has one transgender son and one son coming out.

Other episodes featured Brigham City transgender woman MacKenzie Quinn Jetton, two-spirit Navajo Moroni Benally, and formerly homeless Randy Thomson who started Youth Advocates of Southern Utah.

The podcast can be heard at changingourstories.org

The series was made possible by the LGBTQ Community Endowment Fund, the USU Center for Women and Gender, and the USU Access & Diversity Center

Photo by Andrea Smardon

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