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Good Company Theatre presents the Utah premiere of ‘The Christians’

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Good Company Theatre is pleased to present the Utah premiere of Lucas Hnath’s big-little play about faith in America, The Christians, directed by Emilio Casillas.

After 20 years, Pastor Paul (Michael Solarez) has seen his church grow from a congregation of dozens to thousands. It is a strong testament to the faith he inspires in his followers that after many years the church has finally paid off its debts. When he shares the good news, he also makes another announcement. This one is far more controversial. It’s one that challenges the beliefs of the church to the core. His wife Elizabeth (Nicole Finney), the Associate Pastor (Enrique Garibay), a church elder (Nan Weber), and a congregant (McKalle Dahl) confront Paul about the unexpected change.

“This season at Good Company Theatre is about love,” says theatre Co-Director Alicia Washington. “The Christians explores the love between a church family, and the profound love rooted in religious faith as they are tested by a change in belief.”
“I was nervous about the content when I first heard the title of the show,” reflects show Director Emilio Casillas. “Lucas Hnath subverts that, and presents a very relevant and relatable story about the fallout from a change in faith.”
Hnath’s play [is] remarkable. The church here — we discover early on that it’s a megachurch, one that’s recently paid off the debt for its building — is the backdrop for an earnest exploration of what a church schism is like, who the people are who cause it, and (most importantly) the pain that comes when a family splits, whether that family is nuclear or ecclesiastical, wrote Christianity Today magazine in a 2015 review.
The Christians features performances by McKalle Dahl, Nicole Finney ( Appropriate, Breaking the Shakespeare Code), Enrique Garibay ( In The Heights, The Appeal), Michael Solarez, and Nan Weber.
The show runs April 13–May 6, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m., and second Saturdays and Sundays at 4 p.m. Tickets are $20 at and at the door. This show is recommended for general audiences over the age of 12. Good Company Theatre is at 2404 Wall Ave., Ogden.
Photo: Playwright Lucas Hnath

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