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Art Access calls on 300 for $300 sponsors

“300 Plates” is an annual Art Access fundraiser and exhibition. The signature event, first hosted in May 2003, presents unique artwork that is both affordable and highly collectible, created by approximately 160 established and emerging artists from the local community. Using 11 x 10-inch plates (tempered panel or plexiglass), each artist prepares small works in their recognizable style. Finished plates include everything from landscape to assemblage to pop art to photography and more. During the fundraiser and month-long exhibition the plates are hung in the Art Access Gallery, creating a kaleidoscope of one-of-a-kind artwork.

This year — for the first time — the event is offsite, in the Grand Hall at the Gateway, 400 W. South Temple.

No more tents, standing outside in the cold (or rain), or long lines in hallways. Attendees will have more room to move around and party. It will be easier for everyone to hear, there will be more tickets available for sale, and there will be more opportunities for sponsor recognition.

This year, the exhibition will include more than 400 plates from over 200 local artists, and for the first time, you may take the plates you purchase home with you that night. All of our artists generously reverse the commission generally made by our organization — they will receive 30 percent of plate sales and Art Access will retain 7o percent.

Plate previews are held before the event to provide art lovers, and potential buyers with a sneak peek of the artwork. On the evening of the event during the preview hours, patrons will enjoy culinary delights, beverages, and music; and each patron receives one colored wristband in anticipation of the sale. Beginning at 7 p.m., and every few minutes after that, a random color is announced until all wristband colors are called. Those patrons are invited to enter the gallery and purchase one plate each. Plate prices start at $85 and increase sequentially in one-dollar increments. This year, approximately six artists’ plates will be set aside for a blind silent auction, selling from $400 to the sky’s the limit. Plates that do not sell on the night of the event may be purchased at Art Access throughout the exhibition.

When you become a 300 for $300 sponsor not only are you helping support Art Access programs. Sponsors receive the following benefits:

Invitation to the Preview Party, May 16
Two tickets to the 300 Plates event, May 17,  with expedited check-in
Logo/Name recognition in event program and on the website
(Sponsor Registration expires April 10)


The event to be held on Thurs., May 17, 6–9 p.m. — VIP registration will open April 17, general registration April 24, and both will close May 11, visit

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