Mama Dragons presents a free screening of ‘4 Corners’

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This week, on April 26, Mama Dragons presents a free screening of the 2014 film The 4 Corners. The movie intersects four stories during one crucial weekend that crosses drama and themes of sexual identity, loyalty, family, and friendship. Directed by Lee Basquin (who also stars in).

The event, co-sponsored by Utah Pride Center and Equality Utah, includes special quests Senator Jim Dabakis, Karin Berg, Tammy and Kayden Maxwell. Utah native singer/songwriter Justin Utley performs.

Many years ago Utley was a Mormon-Contemporary singer living in Magna, and he was in ex-gay therapy trying to squash the gay needs he was feeling. It wasn’t until 2006, at age 25, that Utley made a life-altering decision, an escape from the make-believe — one that seemingly has made Utley a more authentic and happy person with an incredible talent.

Mama Dragons is a support organization founded in 2014 for Mormon and former-Mormon mothers of LGBTQ children. The group has garnered media attention for its advocacy and efforts to prevent LGBT Mormon suicides, as well as for bringing a spotlight to the intersection of religion, family, sexual orientation, and gender expression.

On the site, it reads: We come from powerful religious practice and habits. We began as a group of Mormon moms, but we are now inclusive of all faith, or lack of faith traditions. There is no expectation or requirement of involvement or activity in religion, and there is great understanding about the disconnect many feel concerning that.

“Being a Mama Dragon means I can be an ally for all of my junior high students who may need positive support. When my child was questioning his sexual identity, I realized that I could be a voice not only for him but for all kids who are LGBTQ,” says Stephanie.

What: The 4 Corners free screening event
When: Thur., April 26, 6:30 p.m.
Where: Downtown SLC Public Library, 210 E. 400 South

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