Utah Rep. Mike Kennedy forces June primary following win over ‘interloper’ Mitt Romney

Well, it looks like Mitt Romney didn’t do himself any favors in his race for Utah‘s Senate seat by sucking up to Donald Trump, reported lgbtqnation.com.

State Rep. Mike Kennedy, a three-term state representative with nowhere near Romney’s national profile or name recognition, narrowly beat Mitt Romney at the GOP State convention forcing a June primary. Kennedy garnered 1,642 votes to Romney’s 1,585.

So, it appears the former Republican presidential nominee isn’t conservative enough — or anti-LGBT enough — for Utah Republicans, continued lgbtqnation.com. In fact, he wasn’t even enough of a Utahn. Kennedy portrayed Romney as an interloper saying, “We need a candidate who’s actually lived, worked and raised a family in the state of Utah,” upon entering the race just a month ago.

Early polling showed Romney is “gold”

In late last January, a poll by The Salt Lake Tribune and the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics found that should Romney run, the former Massachusetts governor who now lives in Utah would handily win the Senate seat, with 64 percent of the vote to Democrat Jenny Wilson’s 19 percent.

“If Mitt Romney decides to enter this race, he’s going to be the next senator from Utah,” Jason Perry, executive director of the Hinckley Institute, told The Salt Lake Tribune at the time. “Gold is the right label to give to the Romney name in Utah.”

“Romney isn’t going to walk away with the GOP nomination, and he isn’t going to walk away with Utah’s Senate seat in November,” said Wilson, following the Kennedy win on Friday.

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