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KUER to bring journalists together for True Stories

For KUER reporter Erik Neumann and freelance photojournalist Kim Raff, journalism is rapidly evolving, leaving a door open for true experimentation. The pair is introducing True Stories, a local news event that will bring reporting to life on the stage. The evening will consist of live, nonfiction stories presented by journalists from many disciplines, including film, radio, animation, and photography. The work is woven together with live musical accompaniment.

“These are Utah-based stories with Utah journalists, with Utah visuals. And while these different journalists are working in their medium, it’s the first time that they’re coming together,” said Raff. “When you take these brilliant people from all these brilliant mediums, and you put them together, it’s just like this recipe for something really great.”

Along with Neumann and Raff, performers and contributors for True Stories include Pat Bagley, nationally syndicated political cartoonist for The Salt Lake Tribune; Jennifer Dobner, Salt Lake City journalist; Andrea Smardon, radio producer and creator of the podcast, “Changing Our Stories”; Jett Atwood, animator; and Andrew Becker, investigative reporter and creator of the podcast, “The Monarch”. The accompanying band for the evening is Book on Tape Worm.

“It seemed like Salt Lake had all the right ingredients for this kind of show — great venues, talented journalists, and performers. Great musicians. This seems like an opportunity to combine all those people and create a special experience,” said Neumann.

True Stories takes place Tuesday, May 15, at 7:30 p.m. at The State Room, 638 S. State St. Tickets are $20 and available through The State Room’s box office and www.kuer.org.

Photo | Erik Neumann

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