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Pride Festival entertainment lineup

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Cheer Salt Lake

Composed of adults of all ages, body types, races, religions, genders and sexual orientations, Cheer Salt Lake is a 501(c)3 charity that values the beautiful diversity of our community. Cheer Salt Lake’s mission is to serve and raise money for people with life-threatening conditions through the sport of cheerleading.

According to the Outreach Resource Center in Salt Lake City, more than 50 percent of the homeless youth they serve are LGBTQ. Around the country, the National Conference of State Legislatures estimates 20 to 40 percent of homeless youth are LGBTQ. Therefore, Cheer Salt Lake has chosen the 2018 Main Beneficiary to be the Volunteers of America Homeless Youth Resource Center.

Cheer Salt Lake is also placing extra priority on events for life-threatening infant conditions, such as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, in honor of Braxton Rockstead.

Want to support their cause? Are you considering joining the team? Chat with a CSL member following their performance, and don’t forget to like them on Facebook.

Dallas Wayde

Dallas Wayde is a 20-year-old Recording Artist from Salt Lake City. While bringing you a familiar Top-40 sound, you will find his music at the crossroads of upbeat melodies and emotional lyricism. He released his first full-length studio album “So Young and So Damaged” in early 2018, and it brought in about 50k digital streams in its first month. It was a tipping point for Dallas and his team, “The Broken Hearts Club”, and they began getting more opportunities for exposure through shows, media, press, etc.

Dallas, now age 15, also earned the opportunity to tour the country as an opening act for the top-selling kid’s band, “Kidz bop Kids”. Dallas then took the knowledge he had gained and spent some time perfecting his craft while figuring out what direction he wanted to go in the music industry.

Debi Graham Band

The Debi Graham Band consists of three extremely talented, highly energetic musicians seasoned in their field, each with a unique style, combined to make an illuminating collective. They have opened Fiona Apple, Lucinda Williams, Sara Bettens (of K’s Choice), Sierra Swan, Mozella, Kinky, The Samples and many more. The trio has performed at the Sundance Film Festival. Throughout their years of touring the Northwest, West Coast, and Southwest regions, they have managed to create an extensive, rapidly growing fan base with cult-following loyalties.

Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin

Born in the “Charm City” of Baltimore, Dee-Dee has been delighting audiences with her mixture of jazz standards, R&B, soul, and funk for a quarter of a century. While making sweet sounds Dee-Dee also discovered the acting bug and has performed in countless regional theater productions and discovered her love of jazz while performing to sold-out shows in the lead role in Lady Day At Emerson’s Bar & Grill for Pygmalion Theatre. Folks have been lining up to see her ever since.

Front Row Review glowed “You know how to tell the difference between an extraordinary singer and one who is mediocre? The “ugly” face. You know the kind that Patti and Aretha get when nothing matters in the world (not poise, beauty, makeup, lashes falling off, hair coming undone) except the love affair between artist and song? That is Darby-Duffin.

DJ Legs aka Shireen for Congress

Shireen Ghorbani is running for the United States House of Representatives in Utah’s 2nd District and she knows how to deliver what’s best for people — whether that is shaking it all on the dance floor or accessing affordable healthcare.

DJ Schwanny

Schwanny has been playing music since he was a preteen and made the switch from the bass in various pop-punk and metal bands to honing his craft as a DJ in 2013. He aims to combine elements from multiple genres to provide mixes that are bass heavy and make you want to dance. With a special place in his heart for remixes don’t be surprised to hear some oldies with a new twist to them. He brings a stage presence you seldom see with EDM. The passion he brings and the involvement he shares with the crowd makes his sets one of a kind.

Early Successional

Tamarra Evans-Sluga, Sabra Schlyter, and Hillary McDaniel make up folk music trio Early Successional. They each have a unique take on folk music, that when put together becomes a distinctive blend of strings, keys, harmonies, and catchy beats. Each stays true to folk form with story-telling lyrics with a rustic edge. They embrace they’re queerness and never shy away from expressing their true selves on stage and in song.

Tamarra is a proud Salt Lake City native but got her start performing in Texas coffee shops. She credits the years spent in Texas for her love of folk music. She often sings of love lost and love found, and if you’ve ever dated her, she probably wrote a song about it.

From the East Coast to the West Coast (where she studied music at Berkley), Sabra has been a part of many musical projects. The piano is her primary instrument, but her talent extends to harmonica, guitar, mandolin, and percussion. 

Hillary is a prominent figure in the Salt Lake City music scene and has played with many of the local bests. Her passion extends beyond music to activism. She recognizes the importance of empowering marginalized communities and encourages girls to find their voices through Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls. She also recently spearheaded Salt Lake’s first Rock n’ Roll Camp for Womyn.

Fists in the Wind

Fists in the Wind is a Salt Lake City-based queer punk screaming DIY sadness party. Matttheratt & PrttyxPrtty play lyrical ukulele rants about salt, social scenes, truck drivers, and friendship.

Ginger and The Gents

No frills, just gritty rock ‘n’ roll, with a whole lot of soul to blow your hair back, hit you in the gut, and pluck on your heartstrings. Ginger and The Gents puts a contemporary spin on the classic story we know as rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a little salty and a little sweet, but it ain’t no appetizer. It’s the main course, crafted to put meat on your bones. We hope you’re hungry. It’s supper time.

Jason Maek & Zaena

Jason Maek & Zaena have become one of the fastest rising American electronic music duos. Their signature sound mixes indie, dance, and pop into a chart-topping sound that spawned hits like “Birthday” and “Get Up”. Bending the boundaries of electronic, their productions delicately blend a unique skill set of harmonic vocals and hard-hitting rap lyrics.

Their live shows are becoming the most sought after in electronic music. Their wild antics, hilarious personalities, and addicting productions have fans interacting with them nonstop and running to see them live every chance they get. Summer 2016 was their first tour which included over 60 shows opening for notables such as Kesha, Chet Faker, and Gallant. 

The duo is preparing for the release of their sophomore album titled Freshman which already has support from BBC Radio.

Kimora Blac

Kimora Blac teeters between two divergent personalities: “The Boujee Barbie” and “The Kim K of Drag.” The two are so opposite from one another it’s like a split personality — the two faces of Eve, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

“The Boujee Barbie” is always colorful, bubbly and ebullient; she sparkles like crystal. Dressed in sexy, seductive catsuits layered in jewels, diamonds, and gold, a few iconic features of “The Boujee Barbie” are gems, sexy knee-high boots, big boobs, and of course, a lot of ass.

“The Boujee Barbie” is the vixen of drag! She loves high-energy songs, sexy lip-sync lyrics, and loves to party with everyone. On the other side of her psyche lurks “The Kim K of Drag”. She’s muted, chic, indifferent…an unflappable, oh-so-cool, and unbothered. She loves wearing shades of nude, hues of military and olive greens mixed with staples, pieces of greys blacks and whites. Iconic features of “The Kim K of Drag” are: expensive designer stilettos, Celine sunglasses, a diamond choker, and an over-sized jacket draped over her shoulders; she makes being incognito sexy and always in style.

Madame Gandhi

Kiran, who performs as Madame Gandhi, is an electronic music artist and activist based in Los Angeles. She studied mathematics at Georgetown University and worked as the first ever data analyst at Interscope Records before going on to receive her MBA from Harvard. Having gained recognition as the former drummer for artist M.I.A., Madame Gandhi now produces music that elevates and celebrates the female voice. In 2016, she released her first EP Voices and in 2017, she toured as the opening act for Ani DiFranco. She is currently working on her debut full-length album.

Maka MaMas

Maka MaMas are a magical musical duo with strong, and tangible acoustic rhythms; and dynamic vocals that are spiritually inspired and heart-centered. Together their music is a high vibrational, organic, earthy, tribal, kirtan medicine for the soul!

Leraine is of Indonesian, Dutch and Portuguese descent. She is an incredible musician and is a firm believer in the healing power of love. Her natural gift and talent for music began at the age of 5. Her voice has the ability to touch the depths of your soul as it brings in the element of the Divine Feminine that promotes trust on the most heartfelt level.

Shen (Jenniffer) is indigenous, an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians. “As a Native American woman, I am proud of my heritage. I love how my journey with native spiritualism, music, and yoga complement each other through me, being one with myself, my Creator and all my relations on Mother Earth. I am someone who feels guided, supported & healed by the Divine Feminine!”


Mana is an Iranian American MC. She was born in the U.S., raised in Iran, and traveled throughout the world. She raps in English and in Farsi. Her music is upbeat, cut-throat, and melodic. Through her passion, she also started Lipstick Revolt, a women empowerment organization that highlights and promotes women.

Her music is inspiring people to reach their goals and to keep a positive attitude. Mana’s music talks about issues that the media ignores and gives voice to those who aren’t but need to be heard. Her style is unique and refreshing in a period where passion is rare. Mana is guaranteed to hit the heart.

Mel Soul and The Messenger

Mel Soul is a local singer and songwriter from Orem. In 2009, she had the great opportunity of singing with the Provo High School Chamber Singers for an exclusive concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Then, 2012 was when her love of songwriting began. Since then she has worked with songwriter professionals such as Rich Parkinson, Shane Adams, Johnny London and most recently, Natasha Bedingfield. Her goal as a songwriter and performer is to inspire her fans to love themselves, to love everyone else.

Everett Lavell Spencer, The Messenger, has been in the entertainment business for 25 years. He is a talented professional musician. This past year his performances included The Caribbean Christmas Concert for Audio West in Orem, Kamas Valley Christmas Concert Christmas, and a live television performance with featured artist Marj Desius.

Mr. Bonetangles and the Tuna Can Ramblers

Performing a bizarre Vaudevillian variety act, Mr. Bonetangles and The Tuna Can Ramblers are a ragtag group of swingin’, washboard-scratchin’, bass-thumpin’, puppet-string-pullin’, music-playin’ drifters who got together in Salt Lake City with the same vision of making folks dance along with foot-tapping marionettes. Combining an old-time sound with the ancient art of puppetry the show weirds you out and makes you dance. 

Music and Art Collective

Music Art Collective is committed to fostering an environment of support, teamwork, and friendship, where kids can feel safe to find their voice. Through music, art, mindfulness and community involvement they believe confidence and tools to successfully navigate life can be learned.


Opaline is an artist based in Salt Lake City. Their music and lyrics resemble the myriad of colors and luminescence of an opal. The focus of the songwriting is confessional poetry interwoven with sonic texture and presented in various genre-bending structures.

Peculiar Journal

peculiar is a queer literary journal showcasing prose, poetry, art, and photography. With roots in the Mormon stronghold of Provo, peculiar began as a way to recognize the creative talents of the often-overlooked queer community within Utah’s unique culture. They have published five issues since 2015, and several of those talented wordsmiths will read poetry during the Festival.

Phobia The Greatest

Salt Lake City’s Phobia The Greatest, an up-and-coming artist, is bringing a whole new sound to the music industry, with her 2017 single, “$auce God” and 2018 single, “Blue Band$”. The Greatest has much more to offer. Find her on all social media accounts to stay updated with new releases.

Pulse Regime

Trance pusher Pulse Regime (Hayden Warzek) aspires to create a diverse trance repertoire of both uplifting and deep melodies. Having earned support from industry leaders such as Armin Van Buuren, Aly & Fila, and Stoneface & Terminal, Hayden has solidified himself as a growing force in the American trance community. His track “Quiet Of The Storm” featuring UK Singer/Songwriter Emma Horan has amassed upward of 200,000 Spotify streams; and achieved radio success in Norway, Sweden, Finland. Having an extensive background in music theory and being fluent in multiple instruments and genres, Hayden intends to create a more focused trance package for 2018 and beyond. Be sure to keep an eye out for this forceful act in electronic music.

Salt Lake Acting Company

Salt Lake Acting Company is celebrating Utah’s wildest summer-long party with the 40th Anniversary of Saturday’s Voyeur. Pack a picnic and enjoy this irreverent romp through 40 years of Utah’s politics and culture. Running June 27–Sept. 2. Shows are like wine, some turn to vinegar but Voyeur gets better with age!

Salt Lake Men’s Choir

The Salt Lake Men’s Choir, “Utah’s Other Choir” is one of the state’s oldest member-supported arts organization. Started by 13 men in 1983, the choir has a history of giving a variety of choral music to Utah. In addition, the choir represented the state of Utah with a performance at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. In 2002, the choir performed at the Cultural Festival of Gay Games performing in Sydney, Australia.

Now 90 members strong, under the Artistic Direction of Dennis McCracken, accompanied by Aaron Flood, the choir produces two to three top quality concerts per year. We are proud and happy to “Get Salty” and perform at Utah Pride 2018!

Samba Fogo

Drawing on rich cultural traditions and mythology, Samba Fogo offers high-energy drumming and dance programs that bring the joy, celebration, and history of Brazilian Samba to life on stage and in the classroom.

Lead by Artistic Director Lorin Hansen and Musical Director Mason Aeschbacher, Samba Fogo is a versatile company that performs and teaches in a multitude of settings, from outdoor arts festivals to proscenium theaters, schools, summer camps, clubs and community events. Samba Fogo’s high-energy performances and educational programs offer the local community a unique opportunity to experience a deep-rooted culture, infectious enthusiasm, and the celebratory spirit that makes Brazil famous.

Shea Freedom

In song or as a speaker, you can find Freedom advocating for foster youth, human rights, and environmental issues. Born in Los Angeles Freedom was raised in California’s foster care system where he was subject to 28 different placements. Like 68 percent of foster youth, Freedom emancipated into homelessness.

No doubt the early instability would prepare him for the fast-paced life on the road. He has found his home on stages across the nation. Freedom has traveled solo all over the United States via thumb and motorcycle. During it, collecting stories from the back of shrimp boats in the Gulf of Mexico to shoreline festivals in Hawaii. Freedom brought the love on tour in 2016 opening for world-renowned artist Trevor Hall in Arizona and California.

Shecock & The Rock Princess

Shecock is a power trio filling the gaps of rock, pop, punk, and grunge, breaking boundaries of gender and genre. Exhibiting powerful messages of being transgender in the modern world, The Rock Princess’ deep raspy vocals, unapologetic lyrics, and wailing guitar will pierce your mind and soul. Backed by hard-hitting drums and groove-heavy basslines, Shecock is sure to satisfy but leave you with the desire for more. More Shecock!

Sister Wives

The Sister Wives band are a rocking assortment of blues musicians, each with a diverse musical background. The Wives’ started in January 2003 playing numerous regional festivals, clubs, live television, and private shows in Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada. The band was named one of the Best New Bands of the Year in the SLAMMY’s.  Two of their favorite gigs are The Pride Festival and the Women’s Redrock Musical Festival. Join them on “tourcation” this summer over the 4th of July in the San Juan Islands.

Skittish and Bus

We’re a married Salt Lake City DJ and producer duo, Skittish & Bus! We play all kinds of events, clubs, and festivals, but being part of SLC Pride is extra special. The passion, empowerment, and expression in our community is something amazing to belong to. We love sharing our energetic passion for dance music. While we’ll admit that DJ-ing is super fun, what drives us is our addiction to a good, positive dance floor. Thinking about how great SLC Pride is at dancing and expression, makes us go weak in the knees. Expect dancy summertime vibes, remixes of those songs you sing in the shower, and fun takes on the classics. Connect with us wherever you’re social @skittishandbus.


From the heart of the promised land, Somebody/Anybody has been blasting SLC with their high-energy, good vibes since 2015. The five-piece indie rock crew creates an explosion of retro riffs, rooted in a modern rock style that sounds fresh and yet makes you feel like you’ve been listening to their music your whole life. Reaching across genres, Somebody/Anybody crafts poetic joy that can be loved by pals of all ages. Not only is their music magically delicious, but the message is so hopeful and positive.

M’s catchy hooks are a caffeine jolt of happy goodness and surely sticks in your head for days. Kendra has been tearing up the bass in local punk bands for over eight years. M and Kendra played in several projects before being joined by M’s brother Russell on drums to form Somebody/Anybody. When Russell isn’t playing drums, you’ll find him drinking a quality beer.

Robbie and M have been besties for over 20 years. Playing music together has been a dream come true for both of them!

Local guitar legend Jake Harroun helps round out the band, writing killer riffs that create Somebody/Anybody’s dynamic and entertaining sound.

With fewer side effects than your everyday anti-depressant, Somebody/Anybody puts you on your feet, smiling, and feeling all the good. They plan to have an EP released by the end of 2018. You can find them on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Instagram.


Sonnei combines poetic lyrics and silky-smooth vocals with infectious melodies to create a fresh sound reflective of their identity. With a stage show inspired by pop icons, Sonnei brings choreography and a vibrant androgynous aesthetic to highlight the music, celebrating gender non-conformity and queer pride with every performance.

Talia Keys & The Love

Talia Keys is a genre-crossing, multi-instrumental “musical powerhouse” with her brand of soul-funk-rock ‘n’ roll, unique vocal stylings, and a storytelling flow.

As a Salt Lake City native, she keeps herself busy playing regionally since 2010, Europe in 2011, and touring nationally for the past four years with her solo project Gemini Mind. A full electric solo live looping show that captivates and captures the hearts of good people everywhere.

We are pleased to announce the long-awaited new album We’re Here from The Love. TK & The Love have been playing shows together for the last two years. From music festivals to music venues, original music to full-blown tribute shows, TK & The Love are high energy, engaging and unique.


West Australian Blues/roots/indie artist Toby is so much more than your average singer-songwriter. She powers through each live performance with her lyrical talent and fierce, dynamic vocals. Audiences revel in the genuine and honesty of both her songwriting and performance. Her compelling vocals and the way she captures audiences can’t be explained but just needs to be heard and seen. Her live performance truly is a treat. Toby is passionate, raw, and powerful, with a mix of soul, blues, folk, rock and a splash of gypsy hick.

Totem City

Based in Salt Lake, Totem City began with high school friends Luke Leetham (vocals, synths) and Nick Nord (guitar, production). After graduation, Luke met Aaron Jeffers (drums) while attending a local community college and invited him into the band. Later that year, Luke invited Ascari Lucero (bass) from another project to join the band, thus completing the lineup. Totem City blends genre elements of electronic, rock, and indie pop for a spicy original sound.

Underground Pop

Underground Pop is a collaboration based project, with the main intention to bring underground artistry onto a mainstream platform. With the use of performance art, pop music, clothing, visuals, etc., Underground Pop is here for you, inspired to make you feel one thing — pure emotion.

Utah Vaudeville and Burlesque Collective

A variety of artists, performers, dancers, musicians, and lovers of one-of-a-kind acts comprise the Utah Vaudeville and Burlesque Collective. Formed by Utah Burlesque community member, their hope is establishing an open-door hiring process for often under-recognized and underserved performers. The UVBC joined forces with the Art Factory for open rehearsal space every Tuesday. In addition, they work closely with numerous venues and other art collectives to serve all Utah variety performers.

When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution

When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution is a monthly open mic that highlights and celebrates the voices of women, queer, transgender, and PoC creators. The open mic includes poetry, prose, improv, music, and more. When She Speaks is open to creatives of all types. We believe that the most important thing we can do is share and elevate our voices.

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