Tech company puts pro-LGBTQ billboards in Utah County

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The CEO of Domo, Josh James, announced in a news release last week that the company will unveil six new billboards geared toward LGBTQ inclusion.

The new campaign aims to:

  • Display Domo’s commitment to being inclusive. “Domo wants the best employees wherever they may exist, whatever they believe in, and whoever they are.”
  • Further the concerted effort in Utah to “become even more diverse and accepting of everyone.”
  • Facilitate more initiatives to promote inclusivity within Utah.

James mentioned in the news release that “it’s time for leaders in the community to speak up,” and the new billboards will  “spread messages of love and inclusion for the LGBTQ+ population.”

Josh James attended Brigham Young University into his senior year but did not graduate. After co-founding the web analytics company Omniture, James sold the company to Adobe for $1.8 billion. He later founded Domo in 2010, a software-as-a-service company based in American Fork, Utah. 

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