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Urban Arts activities at Utah Arts Fest

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Graffiti happens by people making a mark on the world at the intersection of art and typography. Born of the streets, urban arts breathes and beats with our city landscape. A voice for the many, we do not destroy — we create. Located southeast of the Library Crescent Wall on the festival grounds, June 21–24.

Live Graffiti Art

View live graffiti up close and personal. Local artists paint daily on the festival’s legal graffiti walls. Watch these talented, local artists represent every point of the spectrum of artistic expression.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Witness a vibrant makeover of a classic Volkswagen Bug, courtesy of some of Salt Lake City’s most talented graffiti artists.

Fat Cap Hat Gallery

For a nominal registration fee of $25 that covers all supplies, the best urban artists in SLC will lead a kid’s graffiti workshop. Throwdown a custom design on a made-to-order graffiti hat.

100 Artists/1 Image

Lend your hand to local artist Mason Fetzer’s project “100 Artists/1 Image,” now in its eighth year at the festival. Join the cast of 100 artists to add your own style to the towering 20-foot x 20-foot community mural. The great fun for many visitors is trying to guess what the final image will be, and the mystery is sustained until near the moment of its completion.

Stay for the Beats

A rotating schedule of local DJs will be spinning and remixing beginning daily at 5 p.m., and running throughout the evening.

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