QScopes July 2018


Don’t burn yourself out too quickly. There’s a lot of fatigue and you’re running on fumes at the moment. Take some time to recharge and renew when dealing with personal matters. Surrender to the flow of your work and get engaged with some quiet projects. No one is going to doubt you if you hold steady so keep going.


Even though it’s getting warm outside, there is a cold feeling in your heart that can’t be ignored. It may have to do with the dwindling interest in the drama others are bringing. Be the beacon of hope and take a moment to help a good friend by offering advice. It may turn out that the wisdom you pass on will be useful for you too.


Even if no one notices, it helps to bring a little spice to the social scene. Friend and gatherings are abundant and it helps to contribute your own unique flair. Don’t get wrapped up in a problem that doesn’t involve you. It may seem wise to travel alone and find a sense of focus and change. No one will feel left out if you do.


Don’t judge too quickly. Something you see will not be what it appears to be, and an incorrect reaction might lead to an embarrassing moment. Take some time to get work done and get finances in order. There seems to be a lot of people wanting to spend time with you. It might be a good idea to do so.


Anger is not an uncommon feeling right now, but it’s not doing much good right now. Being in charge is important to you, but it might be a good time to release the burdens of command and simply let others take the lead. There is always something to be learned by the style of others. The education will be invaluable.


A good career move is in the works. The funk of the last year needs to end, and this is the best time to find a way out of it. Keep your eyes open and network with those who have good connections. There’s a game to be played, and the only way to win is to compromise. Sometimes the best gains come from losing little.


Motivation has been a real problem lately. There’s nothing wrong with having a lack of energy, but the real bounce back will come through romance or a nice change of scenery. Seek out new experiences and try meeting new people. The further you go on your quest for newness, the more you’ll realize that you don’t know everything.


The beauty of nature is going to be a great inspirational source during this time period. With weather that is ever changing and a hot-and-cold dynamic occurring, much of your duality is represented by the world itself. This could be a good time to be involved in the creative process and share what you see with others.


Slipping out during the middle of a fight is not a bad idea. You aren’t running away, but simply gaining composure. Let the fighters wear themselves out and kill them with tact instead of anger. The most intense opposition comes from someone you love. Don’t seek to destroy this person, or the relationship could falter. .


The need to flex the muscle of authority could be a turn off to others. Don’t be so impressed by your accomplishments that it undermines the efforts to gain respect. A friend or lover is finding an obsession rather weary, but don’t let this get you down. Find satisfaction through casual fun and lay off the need to prove yourself.


There’s nothing totally wrong in switching up the orders of operations. The more tasks are piling up, the more boredom tends to set in. Keep things interesting by having dessert first, play before work, and taking different positions than normal. It’s a good time to break the norms and alter perceptions for the better.


Feeling that things could be going better right now? Likely this feeling comes from boredom rather than failure. There is always a higher conquest and a goal to accomplish, but only because you want more than you have. Look for some new adventures but don’t lose sight of how good things are right now either.

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