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LGBTQ groups are marching in today’s Freedom Festival after initially banned

Provo Pride, Provo PFLAG, Encircle, Queer Meals, and Mormons Building Bridges all applied to take part in this year’s annual event and were turned down, despite the nonprofit that organizes the event signing a nondiscrimination agreement, helping it secure a $100,000 donation from Utah County. That agreement came after Encircle’s application was denied ahead of the 2017 parade, after initially being approved, reports

“Originally they said that our entry was not high-quality and did not fit the themes and purposes of the Freedom Festival,” Brianna Cluck, a representative for Provo Pride told The Daily Universe. “They were concerned that our logo had a rainbow on it.

“I call on each of us to be our best selves,” wrote Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi in a statement.

“One of the freedoms we are so proud of in America is the freedom of speech,” she added. “Each of us is entitled to an opinion, and we have opportunities to share those opinions. What a fabulous thing!”

Mexico’s new president (and what he means for the future of LGBT rights)

The president-in-waiting, commonly referred to as AMLO, feels to be a staunch populist seeking to end years of corruption, violence, and inequity in Mexico. However, criticism runs wide for his nationalist campaign rhetoric contrasted by his relative silence on LGBT issues. While AMLO states that he would adhere to the country’s present legislation and rulings regarding nationwide marriage recognition and the unconstitutionality of same-sex marriage bans, he has been averse to propose any other progressive measures for the future of LGBT rights in the country.

The UK bans ‘gay conversion’ therapy after largest-ever online survey

Britain on Tuesday unveiled its “action plan” to tackle discrimination against the gay community; bringing forward legislation to ban the practice of conversion therapy. The layout of the plan used data from an online survey that received 1,08,000 responses, making it the largest-ever national survey of LGBT people anywhere in the world. Around two percent of respondents said they had received some form of conversion therapy, while another five percent had it offered to them but refused. LGBT rights group Stonewall defines conversion therapy as “any form of treatment or psychotherapy which aims to reduce or stop same-sex attraction,” although the survey did not provide a definition.

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