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Step up today for a free celebration on the streets of Salt Lake City as part of Busker Fest 2018. Considered a spectacle of street performers, contortionists, magicians, puppeteers and more, Busker Fest takes entertainment from the confines of indoor theatre and moves the party atmosphere to an outdoor environment where the possibilities are endless.

In the spirit of vaudeville, Busker Fest’s lineup has a little something for everyone young and old. It’s an event where street performers crank up the razzle-dazzle for tips (don’t forget your small bills). See buskers in action as they astound crowds with otherworldly performances and breathtaking feats rarely seen on the streets of downtown Salt Lake City — until now.

Presented by the Salt Lake City Arts Council, Busker Fest is a family-friendly event. Festivalgoers may roam Regent Street anytime between 3 and 10 p.m. today. In addition to the performances, the event also features a series of first-come, first-serve workshops for up to 20 participants. This is a rare treat to have hands-on training with tips and tricks about juggling, magic, hula-hooping, and more.

Busker Fest is an excellent opportunity for kids or adults to be not only educated, but also entertained about busking; still highly prominent in other parts of the world from Paris, France to New Orleans, L.A., and everywhere in between.

As the first festival of its kind in Salt Lake City (at least since the days of vaudeville), Busker Fest also features an aerial show from 5 to 10 p.m. featuring a troupe of aerialists using silks, aerial Lyra, and more curated by Salt Lake’s own, “Leggy Meggy.”

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