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At its core, the Marmalade Jam Fest strives to “highlight the neighborhood’s long and colorful history of fruit trees as well as the delicious products created from that fruit” by holding a fruit preserves competition. Local vendors and sponsors such as Mountain West Cider and Redrock Brewery return for the 3rd annual event. The day includes live music, food trucks, a beer garden, and a 35-foot mobile greenhouse — educating on the endless opportunities for urban agriculture, the Fruit Share program, and how you can register your Marmalade fruit trees so others can benefit from the fruit you’re not harvesting.

22Saturday — Marmalade Jam Fest
The Garten, Mountain West Cider, 417 N. 400 West, 10 a.m.–6 p.m. Free


The Aquabats are a superhero band clad in blue spandex suits with the letter A emblazoned on the chest. They’re oddly sexually enticing — maybe I’m Hester Prynne’s illegitimate offspring, I’m about the right age. Anyhoo, Aquabats’ music is also enticing and comedic. Check out MC Bat Commander, Crash McLarson, Jimmy the Robot, Ricky Fitness and Eagle Falconhawk, the greatest crime-fighting new wave and pop-punk music league.

“Do You Really Want to Hurt Me”, “Time (Clock of the Heart)”, “Church of the Poison Mind”, “Karma Chameleon”, “Victims”, “It’s a Miracle”, “The War Song”, “Move Away”, and “I Just Wanna Be Loved” — need I say more about Boy George and Culture Club, I think not, betches!

Beck is one of alternative music’s most introspective minds whose tunes typically conjure a solemn ambiance, but his 2017 album Colors is so full of life it’s refreshingly infectious. So, after this concert, you may need to run out for a prescription for Lithium. Note: I said “run out for a prescription”, not “run out to a street peddler or a Mormon housewife”.

Iron & Wine is the musical project of singer-songwriter Sam Beam. The 2002 debut album, The Creek Drank the Cradle vaulted Iron & Wine into the spotlight of the burgeoning indie-folk/Americana scene where over the years he developed into one of its prolific songwriters. Beast Epic is the sixth proper full-length record released August 2017. The album was nominated for Best Americana record at the 2018 Grammy Awards. Beast Epic takes the listener on a ride through the 15-plus years of Iron & Wine while still offering up a new and contemporary sound.

The Presets are an Australian dance duo, Kim Moyes and Julian Hamilton, who met in college, where both were studying classical music. They both had an interest in dance music and set about creating some of their own. They have performed at San Francisco’s infamous BDSM and leather event Folsom Street Fair more than once, and for Moyes, they’ve been memorable occasions. The Presets have indeed been a fixture at LGBTQ events for years now. Their sound on chart-topping tracks like My People has cemented their status as Australian music icons and garnered them a huge gay following, despite Moyes and Hamilton being openly straight.

8Saturday — The Aquabats
The Depot, 13 N. 400 West, 6 p.m. Tickets $23 Adv/$25 Day Of,

21Friday — Boy George & Culture Club
Maverik Center, 3200 Decker Lake Dr., WVC, 7 p.m. Tickets $49.50–149.50,

22Saturday — Beck
Maverik Center, 3200 Decker Lake Dr., WVC, 7:30 p.m. Tickets $39.50–69.50,

23Sunday — Iron & Wine
Capitol Theatre, 50 W. 200 South, 7:30 p.m. Tickets $25–35,

30Sunday — The Presets
Metro Music Hall, 615 W. 100 South, 9 p.m. Tickets $22 Adv/$25 Day Of,


RC Events presents Chad Michaels, a well-known celebrity impersonator, notably Cher. Cartel Chameleon, The Whore of ’94 (aka Monica Lewinsky?), Savannah Van Cartier, Janice Janice Janice, Derronda, Georgia DeMoan, DJ Justin Hollister, and DJ Shutter host the night.

1Saturday — Chad Michaels
Metro Music Hall, 615 W. 100 South, 9 p.m. Tickets $15 Adv/$20 Day Of,


Kirstin Chavez has performed Carmen throughout the world for nearly two decades, and in this intimate portrait of Bizet’s iconic female heroine, she creates a one-woman tour de force of spoken monologues, choreographed Flamenco dance, and soulful singing. With limited seating on the stage, the audience will experience an intimate view of Carmen’s lust for life and freedom that ultimately led to her need to embrace death. Interact with the living, breathing Carmen “beyond opera, beyond music… where theatre and truth meet”.

13Thursday — Carmen Inside Out
Kingsbury Hall, 1395 Presidents Cir., UofU, times vary, through Friday. Tickets $20,

PHOTO | The Presets

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