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TEDxSaltLakeCity: At the Edge

TEDxSaltLakeCity will take place on Saturday, Sept. 8. Speakers and performers will inform and entertain 9 a.m.–2 p.m. at Kingsbury Hall, 1395 E. Presidents Cir., UofU campus.

Presentations by speakers and performers will be under the theme “At the Edge”, exploring where ideas intersect, are at the leading edge of research and more. Talks address topics such as education, women’s advocacy, the role of journalism in today’s society, artificial intelligence, LGBT equality, issues in health, and more. All are thought-provoking and meant to invite discussion and promote community. Speakers include Joshua Brothers, Lyn Christian, Dr. Lisa Diamond, Jesse Hyde, Collin Kartchner, Nicole Maestas, Neylan McBaine, Marielle Pariseau DMD, Dr. Sujatha Sampath, Steve Shillingford, Mohan Sudabattula, Alan Whitaker, and Collin Williams.

A break halfway through the event will allow attendees to have lunch at one of several local food trucks that will be at the event. Ticket price includes lunch. Tickets are open to the general public now and are available through Kingsbury Hall by visiting

As part of its event, TEDxSaltLakeCity commits to a Zero Waste initiative, focusing on leaving a small carbon footprint, reusing items, removing all trash and recycling items as appropriate.

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