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Conversion therapy bill dies at the hand of gay politician in California

California Democratic Assemblymember Evan Low unexpectedly withdrew his support yesterday for his conversion therapy bill. It would have made the fraudulent practice illegal for adults in the state. And now the religious right is declaring victory.

In an email from the Liberty Counsel to supporters, the anti-LGBTQ organization wrote, “Adults with unwanted same-sex attractions or who struggle with unwanted gender behaviors or confusion may continue to receive counsel in California.”

Low’s bill would have banned selling or advertising conversion therapy as a way to change someone’s sexual attraction from same-sex to opposite-sex. However, the openly gay politician said he needed more time.

Another bill in 2012 limited the practice for minors. Low’s proposal would have expanded the conversion therapy ban for adults as well.

“As a young person I often found myself confused about my sexual orientation,” Low said following his announcement to stop sponsorship of the bill. “This left me feeling very lost, scared, alone, and even suicidal. Many fellow members of the LGBT community are not as fortunate and do not have the support I did and have been subjected to the harmful and fraudulent practice of conversion therapy.”

He said he aims to resume working to pass legislation in 2019 “that best protects and celebrates the identities of LGBT Californians and a model for the nation to look towards.”

Dan Reynolds criticizes Eminem’s continued use of ‘fa**ot’ in lyrics

Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds took to social media to castigate Eminem over a gay slur included in a song on the rapper’s latest release.

“It’s never ok to say a word that is filled with hate. I don’t care what year you were born in or what meaning it has to you. If it contributes to hate and bigotry, then it is hateful. Period. There is never an ok time to say the word fa**ot. I don’t care who you are.”  The in conclusion to a stream of tweets, Reynolds said, “I don’t speak for the LGBTQ community. If they want 2 reclaim the word for themselves that is their decision & their’s only. I was only speaking to someone of great influence thinking it’s ok for him to say it time after time for years. It’s not and with that, I’m done on this.”

Third annual Logan Pride sees more sponsors, support — minus the T

Since 2016, members of the local LGBTQ community in Logan, Utah have held a Pride festival where people of all ages, identities, and orientations come together and know they aren’t alone.

“We love who we love,” Kathryn Sorenson, a Logan High School senior and member of the Gay-Straight Alliance club, said. “We can’t change that — it’s who we are.”

However, Logan Pride Festival organizers and attendees said there is still some intolerance in Cache Valley toward the LGBTQ community, but it’s getting better. Logan Pride Foundation President Rikki Wheatley-Boxx said the third annual festival held Sept. 1, 2018, had more sponsors than the previous two, and she sees increased support from the community.

“I do feel like a lot of people are more accepting, but we still see issues, especially with people not accepting the transgender community,” Wheatley-Boxx told The Herald Journal.

For example, one festivalgoer posted to the festival’s Facebook page: “…I was really hoping that this would be the first “big” event that I wouldn’t get misgendered at. Unfortunately, the vendors didn’t seem to have much awareness, and I counted at least 5x that I got sir’d, man’d, or bro’d. Not exactly the inclusive experience I was hoping for my first Pride since coming out as trans nonbinary.”

Photo | Calif. Assemblymember Evan Low

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