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2018 Fabby Award winners: Bars

Most Fabulous All-Gay All-Day Every Day Bar

Club Try-Angles

A faithful crowd of people of all walks of life call this Harvey Milk Boulevard bar their second home. Owners Gene and Jesse are well-known for giving their regulars a bunch of crap, as well as giving back to the community. With the lowest prices in town, the coldest beer, and the most friendly vibe, it’s no wonder why they win a Fabby so often.

Most Fabulous Irish Pub (and to find Lesbians)

Piper Down

Live music, trivia night, karaoke, $1 mimosas brunch and kilts, as traditionally worn make Piper Down a true Fabby award winner. Plus, it’s the most fabulous place to find lesbians, woohoo!

Most Fabulous College Bar

Bourbon House

This cocktail emporium does not condone hazing. Fabulous!

Most Fabulous Nightclub


Aye Chihuahua!

Most Fabulous Sports Bar

Fiddler’s Elbow

They have more TV screens than the Oval Office, and the helmets actually are real.

Most Fabulous Lounge

The Red Door

We here at QSaltLake congratulate Red Door on this award but we believe it all has to do with the signature martinis because, after only one, things start getting super blurry.

Most Fabulous Dive Bar

Cheers to You

By far one of the best drop-in joints during Pride weekend.

Most Fabulous Bar for the Buck

Club Try-Angles

Only true if bartender Koti doesn’t put you in a leg choke for not tipping.

Most Fabulous Beer Bar

Beer Bar

Buddied up to Bar X, the iconic named Beer Bar obviously takes home this Fabby award. That’s just too much beer and shenanigans on one block. See you all there!

Most Fabulous Bar for Wine


BTG stands for Better Than (Michael) Green’s wine selection. Just sayin’! Now in a new location — the former Bay on 4oo South and West Temple.

Most Fabulous Cocktails

Bar X

Wildly-popular Bar X, and its new sister Beer Bar, are also popular with Salt Lake’s LGBT community for providing a welcoming environment in the heart of downtown. Best place to be for the Utah Pride Parade.

Most Fabulous for an Afternoon Crowd


Afternoon drinking is a chill affair, so where better to do it than Sun-Trapp, where the bartenders and patrons alike greet you with a smile and a friendly hello?

Most Fabulous Bar That Gives Back to the Community

Club Try-Angles

Well duh, Gene is a staunch Republican. He’s going to kill us.

Most Fabulous Monthly Bar Event

Fluff Part at Club Try-Angles

They frown on Relco, just sayin’! This night has grown from a few dozen during Furry convention into a monthly fluff-aganza. Some of the friendliest animals you’ll ever meet.

Most Fabulous for Karaoke


If you like to sing or like to listen to others sing, or like to drink to make others’ singing tolerable, head to Tavernacle on Sunday or Tuesday night.

Most Fabulous Park City Bar

High West

Top-notch, soul-warming, high-grade whiskey. Worth every penny. A go-to for every moon howling!

Most Fabulous Ogden Bar

Lighthouse Lounge

Offering a Brunch and Bloody Mary Bar each Sunday, a poet flow, $1 PBR nights, live music, and more makes Lighthouse a beacon in Ogden.

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