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2018 Fabby Award winners: Restaurants


Most Fabulous Inexpensive Restaurant

Even Stevens

Even Stevens not only takes the Fabby for its scrumptious sandwiches, such as the Sprang Chicken and the Do Gouda, but also for all the gouda they for the communities of SLC. When the first shop opened in 2014, it donated 30,000 sandwiches to nonprofits, and it continues to do so. Fabulous!

Most Fabulous After-Hours 

Off Trax

“When you’ve had two beers or mixed drinks per hour on a weekend night, who wants to do more than walk 10 feet for bit of food, after the bar? That’s one reason, Off Trax is a Fabby. Right next door to Try-Angles on Central Harvey Milk Boulevard serving Breakfast, Burgers, Salads and more with cheery service and atmosphere. After hours, lunch and dinner and a Sunday brunch

Most Fabulous for Breakfast

Pig & A Jelly Jar

Eric Schoenbaum screams “Fabby” about Pig & a Jelly Jar. “Chicken and waffles … absolutely the best. This cute little place is a local favorite. And the best part is that they serve adult beverages, too.” This prize-winning gem is located in Salt Lake, Ogden, and Holladay.

Most Fabulous Vegetarian/Vegan

TIE: Zest/Vertical Diner

Zest is an open-aired, stylish Vegan restaurant and handcrafted cocktail bar has all the elements of a Fabby winner. Gluten-free, organic greens, avocado toast and a chocolate smoothie with a splash of bourbon, anyone’s heart would be a-flutter.

Vertical Diner is an institution, starting as a food truck, and making it to Harvey Milk Boulevard, is fabulous in itself.

Most Fabulous Contemporary Restaurant

Avenues Proper

Like an Adonis with a svelte stomach and smart smile, Avenues Proper & Publick House is hard not to fall in love with immediately. QSaltLake restaurant reviewer extraordinaire loves the concept of a modern, beautiful neighborhood pub. And Q readers appear to agree

Most Fabulous in Park City

High West Distillery

While appropriately garnered with the prestigious Fabby for Most Fabulous Park City Restaurant, High West thankfully has two additional locations in SLC — one being at the airport. We should all air travel more oft

Most Fabulous in Ogden


No surprise Roosters is a Fabby. After all, its original location is in a 119-year-old building with exposed brick, cool lighting and with good food, beer, and wine. The clientele is diverse as you would expect on Ogden’s Historic 25th Street, just a Ride UTA Frontrunner trip to the foot of 25th Street. Use your GPS to drive to the Layton location, near the Davis County Convention Center

Most Fabulous Asian


This Japanese staple of the city continually rates one of the highest by QSaltLake readers. They apparently love the location, the great service, of course, the fabulous rolls, but most importantly the decor. Duh!

Most Fabulous Mexican

Red Iguana

Who is going to stand in line for a Mexican Restaurant? Hundreds of people — tourists, locals, foodies; all ages, sex, genders, orientations, and political stripes; every day wait for lunch or dinner at the two Red Iguana locations (which happen to anchor the reviving NoTe neighborhood).

Most Fabulous Greek Cuisine

The Med

Formerly known as Café Med, the long-running Mediterranean restaurant is extremely gay-friendly and the prices are right. The casual atmosphere and amiable staff make it a perfect first-date restaurant.

Most Fabulous Coffee House

Coffee Garden

Now 25 years of brewing! It’s national coming out day every day at the Coffee Garden. With a cup of CG coffee in you, you can face anything. Two locations: 9th and 9th, where you can dress like a student and glower at the Republicans getting QSaltLake magazines, Downtown, 245 S. Main, you get to stand next to the Masters of the Universe from Goldman Sachs or the ever-exciting Dan Rascone from KUTV.

Most Fabulous Wine Selection


BTG (aka By The Glass) has moved! They are now in the historic Eagle Building on 4th South and West Temple. They serve over 75 bottles of wine by the glass. Wow! Though probably not to just one person, right? If that were the case, Michael Aaron would be on a stool at least four days a week. However, BTG has to be, and remains, stellar to keep winning over Michael’s House for the Most Fabulous Wine Selection.

Most Fabulous Burger Joint

Lucky 13

Quarter-pounders are for amateurs. The burgers at Lucky 13 start with 7-oz of chopped chuck, grilled to perfection. Choose from a variety of signature burgers, each carefully accessorized with both traditional (bacon, of course!) and non-traditional toppings (peanut butter on a hamburger? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!)

Most Fabulous Sandwiches

Grove Market

Well, it’s been confirmed that gays are size queens. Grove’s sandwiches are humongous and yummy.

Most Fabulous Pizza

The Pie

Well, The Pie takes home yet another Fabby award for its outstanding pizzas swimming in cheese. It’s comfort food at its finest and a crowd pleaser to college students and the young at heart.

Most Fabulous Bakery


If you appreciate pastries, you’ll definitely appreciate Gourmandise, whose very name means “indulging in good eating.” The mouth-watering sweet and savory creations are as much fun to look at as they are to eat. Don’t drool on the glass.

Most Fabulous Sunday Brunch

Ruth’s Diner

Located in Emigration Canyon, Ruth’s Diner has been drawing in the masses for years. It typically requires wait time for a table, particularly for brunch, but it’s well worth the wait. It’s likely been a constant Fabby winner/nominee because of the fabulous patio and tasty mimosas.

Most Fabulous Barbecue


R&R Barbecue is a funky counter-serve shack dishing BBQ meats by the plate or pound — duh! always by the pound! — plus burgers, sides, and beers. It appears that QSaltLake readers find it finger-to-lip-licking good. No surprise there.

Most Fabulous Seafood

Market Street Grill

In the back wall of the walk-in cooler in the kitchen of Market Street Grill is a portal, which leads to a wharf on an undisclosed island where fishermen dock with their daily catches. Or at least we assume how the seafood is so fresh in a restaurant 700 miles from the nearest ocean.

Most Fabulous Soups

Soup Kitchen

Don’t let this restaurant’s traditional soup selections fool you, instead, let them fill you! Their cream of tomato and clam chowder are especially hearty and faaabulous — not to mention just the kind of warming, generous meal.

Most Fabulous Brew Pub


Great beer, great food, great brunch (with $2 mimosas or bloody marys)… Squatters has it all! Choose from a full menu of craft brews to complement your meal, and take home a growler of your favorite!

Most Fabulous New Restaurant


Purgatory offers “solid foods” such as Tomato Toast and Cheese Corn, as well as brunch items like the Baby Arm Burrito; “Happy Foods” include Buffs Balls — well, duh! There’s the Fabby!!

Most Fabulous Food Truck


Cruising through the streets ( not at 1 am) of Salt Lake City is the Cupbop truck, and it’s serving up some pretty delicious Korean BBQ in a cup! They take crazy tasty sweet potato noodles or rice and then top it all off with traditional meats, veggies, and sauces!

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