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2018 Fabby Award winners: The Arts

Most Fabulous Dance Company

Ballet West

Nationally renowned talent and staging for well-proportioned, nearly nude female and male dancers. They do daring and traditional ballet and are very famous for cracking nuts. Always Fabby.

Most Fabulous Theater Company

Salt Lake Acting Company

For over 45 years, Salt Lake Acting Company has produced seasons of provocative and thoughtful theater for an open-minded and adventurous audience. Perhaps best known for its annual production of Saturday’s Voyeur, SLAC is dedicated to supporting the community through theater.

Most Fabulous Local Theater Production

Saturday’s Voyeur

This annual lampoon of local life, religion, politics, and culture has become a fixture in Salt Lake City theater. Sometimes poignant, often raucous, and always hilarious, Saturday’s Voyeur provides a welcome opportunity for Utah liberals to laugh at the frequent absurdity of life here.

Most Fabulous Music Event

LoveLoud Fest

Thank you, Dan Reynolds, and Imagine Dragons for setting a fire under suicide prevention.

Most Fabulous Art Gallery/Museum

The Leonardo

The best “re-purposing” of an iconic building, the old Salt Lake City Main Library building on 200 East and 500 South has been the fabulous Leonardo for several years now — a contemporary museum exploring unexpected ways that science, technology, art, and creativity connect. And to boot, it loves and takes part in Gay Pride. Fabulous!

Most Fabulous Local Musician/Band

Bronwen Beecher

Beecher’s violin playing, powerful lyrics, and soulful voice have captivated audiences across the West for years. She is also a popular local performer, appearing regularly at the Utah Pride Festival and several locations across the state.

Most Fabulous Local Visual Artist

Trent Call

Born and raised in Salt Lake City and a University of Utah alumnus, Call is currently working on many diverse projects within the city. His work incorporates graffiti, comics, popular culture, and academic painting. He is a well-deserved multiple Fabby winner.

Most Fabulous Local Actor

Stephan Sherman-Mills

Stephen Sherman-Mills should be “in the heights” of ecstasy over winning a Fabby.

Most Fabulous Park City Arts

Park Silly Sunday

For nearly a decade, Park Silly Sunday Market is an eco-friendly, open-air market and street festival. Featuring arts and crafts, musicians, performance artists, chefs and local fresh vegetables, fruits and other foods from local farms — and silly-themed weekends.

Most Fabulous Ogden Arts

Ziegfeld Theater

The Ziegfeld Theater’s guiding principle of improvisation: “Yes…And!” The “Yes” means that they accept theatrical, musical, and visual arts that are furthering the community’s knowledge and cultural experience. The “And” describes their dedication to enhancing the idea and furthering its impact. Fabulous!

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