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2018 Fabby Award winners: Shopping

Most Fabulous Consignment/ Gently Used Clothing


Love fashion? Hate spending money? Check out iconoCLAD, where you can get fashion-forward “previously rocked” clothes at a fraction of retail and locally created art and accessories.

Most Fabulous Place to Clothes Shop on a Budget

Uptown Cheapskate

Buy or sell your favorite jeans, shirts, and jackets at this discount fashion mecca. With two locations, one in Salt Lake and one in Bountiful, you can’t go wrong with the trends you find on the rack here. Whether you’re looking to refurbish your wardrobe and want some cash for your old stuff or you’re looking to fill your closet with discount fashion, this is the place!

Most Fabulous Place to Clothes Shop to Break the Budget


But Q forgot to ask what’s the budget? Congrats Buckle on your Fabby Award.

Most Fabulous Adult Toy Store


Cahoots has been in the game for 30 years mostly on East Harvey Milk Boulevard, and they never go stale. They keep up the trends and stay topical. Especially thrilling is the “sommelier” of lube and condoms. He seems to have used and has an opinion, usually right on, about the products he recommends.

Most Fabulous Local Clothing, Underwear, Shoe Store


Shop sustainably and locally at this gay-owned boutique. From underwear to cuff links, Spark has everything you need to dress to impress! Club-wear and boardroom chic, there’s nothing quite as fabulous in Salt Lake as this fashion-forward and queer-friendly shop.

Most Fabulous Place to Buy Halloween or Other Costumes

Pib’s Exchange

Sometimes you will find a 20-dollar bill in a pair of used pants. Bam!

Most Fabulous Place for Furniture

Urban Flea Market

Since 2011 the Urban Flea Market has been a fabulous addition to downtown. And Q readers love the furniture!

Most Fabulous Antiques

Capital City Antique Mall

Capital City Antique Mall is your first and last source for antiques, vintage collectibles, jewelry, vintage clothing and more!

Most Fabulous Florist

Native Flower Company

Q readers agree that Native Flower Company is the premier source for the best flowers in Salt Lake City — with the finest in uniquely-designed custom flower arrangements delivered to your door.

Most Fabulous Jeweler

9th & 9th Jewelers

9th & 9th Jewelers offers free overnight digital CAD renderings, price quotes, and any changes you want to your design within 24 hours. Now that deserves a Fabby!

Most Fabulous Local Bookstore

King’s English Book Shop

Tucked away in the charming 15th & 15th shopping district is a Fabby little store with a warren of shelves and rooms stacked with books on any and every subject: romance novels, philosophical tracts, histories, cookbook. If you can’t find it here, you don’t need it. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and they love books at least as much as you do.

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