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How Equality Utah responds to a world in crisis

This weekend was incredibly difficult from start to finish. The pipe-bomber in Florida. The hate crime massacres in Pittsburg and Kentucky. The election of a xenophobic president in Brazil. The efforts to erase transgender Americans from government agencies.

Bad news these days has become as prolific as it is horrifying, and the intensity of the barrage can leave us numb, distraught and feeling helpless.

But we will not be scared into inaction, nor will we be stunned into silence. Because, friends, to be Jewish is to be resilient. To be LGBTQ+ is to be resilient. To be American is to be resilient.

We are going to turn the tide of hate and anger in our nation.

  1. We’re going to check Trump’s power this November by volunteering, fundraising and voting for candidates who dare to stand up to divisive rhetoric.
  2. We’re going to give our time and expertise to organizations who support the values and work we care about. 
  3. We’re going to get involved in the upcoming Legislative session. Each of us will find an issue we are passionate about and work with those people who are also engaged in the issue.
  4. We will raise our voices every. Single. Time. We face injustice.
  5. And we will never give in to fear.

Our president is a faux populist and a schoolyard bully. He gleefully stokes the fires of division, provoking Americans to turn against one other. Our only defense against the fear and xenophobia is greater love, compassion, and unity.

When we stand alone, we are small. When we join in community, working alongside our friends and family toward a common goal, we become strong.  We are all one human family.

If you are feeling tired and frightened by the state of affairs, please don’t be alone. Reach out to a friend. If needs are, reach out to a mental health professional. Enjoy the beauty of fall.

And please, find every reason to celebrate love. Consider joining us for the Allies dinner on November 3rd and be one with musicians, artists, dancers, drag queens, and inspiring speakers. Because we will never let others take away our joy and resolve.

Thank you for continuing to fight for the state and nation we love — and especially for doing it with passion and panache.

We are marching forward together.

Troy Williams
Executive Director, Equality Utah

Prop 3 initiative to expand Medicaid in Utah

If you were offered nine dollars in exchange for one dollar would you take the deal? The vast majority of us would say yes. That is the offer on the table in Proposition 3 — and better yet, the investment in Proposition 3 pays dividends too.

Proposition 3, the initiative to expand Medicaid, is a prudent, long-term investment in Utah. It represents an investment in our state’s greatest assets: our people, our workforce.  For too long, thousands of our friends, family, and neighbors have gone without health coverage.  Too many Utahns have avoided or delayed seeking care.  Too many Utahns have filed bankruptcy due to medical bills. And when a large part of our workforce is grappling with unresolved health care problems or crippling debt, they are not working at their full potential. So, our entire economy suffers. Proposition 3 not only brings $800 million (annually) in our taxpayer dollars back to the state, it promotes a healthier workforce, which means a more sustainable workforce.  

32 states that have already expanded Medicaid are ahead of Utah. They have lower uninsured rates, and as a direct result, they have a healthier workforce. Much like we need to invest in infrastructure and education, we need to invest in the healthcare of Utahns. Utah’s economy and our economic competitiveness depend on it.  

Since January 1, 2014, Utah has rejected returning around $1.4 billion back to the state. We can’t afford to ship another dime off to Washington, DC and get nothing in return.  Vote ‘yes’ on Proposition 3.

Matt Slonaker
Executive Director, Utah Health Policy Project

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