Video: LDS-raised Grayson releases ‘Brother’

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Non-binary American singer-songwriter Grayson has released the music video for their brand new song “Brother”. Billboard Pride says, “Grayson’s voice layers one-by-one on ‘Brother’, building and blossoming into something transcendent as they meld into a singular harmony.”

Of the track, Grayson says, “‘Brother’ is about the sometimes chaotic relationship with yourself, and everyone else. I have inhabited so many projects and versions of myself through the years that this feels like a long time coming but such a short time in comparison. I can’t wait for it to be heard and in the world. This song really was the start of me.”

Grayson, who grew up in the Mormon Church, has been singing in front of audiences since they were three years old. At 17, they relocated to Seattle where they co-founded the indie synth-pop band Neu Yeuth. A fashion chameleon who changes their look on a weekly basis, they are a social media darling, in-demand model, make-up artist, and fashion stylist. When not collaborating with sought-after creatives on various projects they are recording their forthcoming EP. Grayson currently resides in Los Angeles where they enjoy hikes in Elysian Park while trying to perfect their lifelong dream of whistling through their teeth.

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