Two-thirds of Equality Utah endorsements win election/re-election

Twenty-three of the 34 candidates endorsed by Equality Utah have been elected or re-elected, according to unofficial results from last night’s elections. One race has the endorsed candidate winning by a slight margin and is too close to call. The remaining 10 candidates were defeated.

All 18 incumbents endorsed by the political action committee were re-elected. In non-incumbent races, endorsees won in the following races:

In the Utah House, Jen Dailey-Provost was elected to replace outgoing Rebecca Chavez-Houck in District 24, Avenues and Capitol Hill.

Stephanie Pitcher was elected to replace fellow Democrat Rep. Lynn Hemingway in South Salt Lake’s District 40 after he withdrew from the race because of his wife’s health.

Andrew Stoddard has appeared to upset incumbent Republican Rep. Bruce Cutler in the swing District 44 in Midvale with 54.54 percent of the current vote tally.

Derek Kitchen handily beat his opponent and will replace outgoing Sen. Jim Dabakis in Utah Senate District 2, Avenues and Central Salt Lake City.

Democrat Kathleen Riebe beat newly-appointed Republican Utah Sen. Brian Zehnder in District 8, in Murray, Midvale.

Endorsee results:
Utah House4Josh BrundageL37.04
Utah House8Deana FroererC50.13
Utah House9Kathie J. DarbyL46.73
Utah House18Adam AlbaL29.03
Utah House23Sandrah HollinsW73.93I
Utah House24Jen Dailey-ProvostW77.01
Utah House25Joel K. BriscoeW91.57I
Utah House26Angela RomeroW75.63I
Utah House28Brian S. KingW100I
Utah House30Mike WinderW57.6I
Utah House34Karen KwanW59.94I
Utah House35Mark WheatleyW64.05I
Utah House36Patrice ArentW64.1I
Utah House37Carol Spackman MossW62.47I
Utah House40Stephanie PitcherW70.16
Utah House42Amy L. MartzL33.14
Utah House44Andrew StoddardW54.54
Utah House46Marie PoulsonW62.07i
Utah House51Michele WeeksL39.48
Utah Senate2Derek KitchenW77.08
Utah Senate3Gene DavisW70.17I
Utah Senate4Jani IwamotoW68.18I
Utah Senate5Karen MayneW68.46I
Utah Senate8Kathleen RiebeW56.06
Utah Senate9Alexander CastagnoL33.39
Utah Senate12Daniel W. ThatcherW51.63I
Utah Senate28Mark ChambersL20.97
SL Cty Council1Arlyn BradshawW100I
SL Cty Council3Lisa GehrkeL46.81
SL Cty Council4Ann GranatoW62.13I
SL Cty Councilat LargeJim BradleyW57.04I
Bd of Ed2Craig PittsL38.72
Bd of Ed3Thomas E. NedrebergL26.35
SL District AttySim GillW57.17I

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