QScopes December 2018

ARIES – Despite what others might say, good things are coming your way! An amazing career move will lead to exploration and much-needed relief. How you proceed with a loved one relies greatly on an ability to remain calm. That may be difficult, but possible. Avoiding confrontations, and lay low when things heat up.

TAURUS – Dismiss bad ideas and trust your instincts. Pressure builds as the weather gets cool and activities heat up. Plan for mild celebrations and more fun will come as a result. Though family is important, don’t let drama become a setback. Many people in your life have entitlement issues. Now is the time to set the record straight.

GEMINI – An odd problem requires a creative solution, and results could be unpredictable. It doesn’t hurt to hold off when dealing with unreasonable people. A breaking point could lead to erratic behavior, but this is the key to obtaining a long desired goal. Apologizing won’t be necessary. Get mad, if you must, but use tact.

CANCER – Drowning in a sea of tears will do no good, so learn to swim by gaining perspective. Now is the time to get away from work. Put aside unnecessary obligations. Emotionally detaching is difficult, but could be necessary. It’s a matter of survival, especially in regards to a partner. Care less, do less, and feel more.

LEO – How a bad influence is handled could have a great impact on goals this month. Don’t be lured into a trap and stay grounded by spending time alone. A social or family gathering could be intensely rewarding, but the potential for outbursts exist. Sometimes it pays to submit to the will of others and enjoy the ride for a while.

VIRGO – The weather is cool and dry, but things are warm and cozy inside. Create a nook of happiness in your home and invite friends looking for the same. Approach a good job offer with skepticism. While the best things tend to seem the most obtainable, nothing comes without cost. Weigh all the options and take few risks.

LIBRA – Don’t depend heavily other people. They aren’t as strong as you think. A threshold of frustration that is about to be breached, so avoid the frustrations by eliminating obligations. An abundance of good news will be delivered at work, leading to a fruitful period. Enjoy the acquisitions but don’t go overboard. Save!

SCORPIO – No one has a clue of what is really going on with you. It would be wise to provide a close associate, lover, or family member a glimpse into what matters. People are a conduit for desire, and giving a little can bring a huge return. It’s time to face a nagging feeling which resulted from a feud. It’s not too late to fix mistakes.

SAGITARRIUS – Delicious things are coming this month, and not in the form of food. Get ready for a happy time and enjoy emotional satisfaction. Financial matters will not be bothersome, but keep an eye on your accounts. Dire things tend to happen when least expected. A child or pet is in need of attention, so please provide it.

CAPRICORN – Help is on the way, not a moment too soon. There is confusion during this time, and questions that need answers. A fountain of knowledge will present itself in the form of romance or sexy friendship. While the world currently seems to be squeezing tight, it’s an illusion. Trust in those who really care and have fun.

AQUARIUS – The desire for a good time will consume you. It’s a great period for cutting out troublemakers, but you must identify them first. Test the sincerity of friends who don’t know you well. An elderly family member provides great insight, but don’t accept it casually. Give real thought into the implications here.

PISCES – A parental figure will materialize from out of nowhere. A kind heart is needed right now, but a tough love comes with the territory. Make intentions known, and don’t fear to ask for favors. The spirits will be moving, and the heart takes the lead. Don’t fear to find the confidence to simply feel good. This is your time!

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