Dabakis releases poll data a day before announcing whether he will run for SLC mayor

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Sen. James Dabakis, who will retire from the Utah State Senate representing north-east Salt Lake City, will announce tomorrow whether he will run for Salt Lake City Mayor. It is expected that current mayor Jackie Biskupski will seek re=election, and two others have announced their intention to run: Salt Lake City Councilman and Utah AIDS Foundation executive director Stan Penfold, and Latino businessman David Ibarra.

Dabakis released the results of a 410-person poll taken over the past few weeks by Lighthouse Research & Development.

The poll showed that Biskupski leads in name recognition at 77 percent to Dabakis’ 71 percent. Penfold has 20 percent name recognition and Ibarra has 24. Pollsters also asked about Sen. Ross Romero, of whom three in 10 recognized his name.

Dabakis, however, led in favorability, with a 68 percent having a favorable perception of him. Thirty-six percent held a very favorable view, and 32 percent a somewhat favorable view. Ten percent had an unfavorable view of him. Twenty-three percent didn’t know.

Biskupski had a 54 percent total favorability rating, with 18 percent very favorable and 34 percent somewhat favorable. Her unfavorable rating was 34 percent, with 17 percent each for very and somewhat unfavorable ratings. Twelve percent didn’t know.

Penfold held a 51 percent favorable rating to a 10 percent unfavorable, with 40 percent responding they didn’t know. Ibarra was at 52 percent favorable to eight percent unfavorable and 40 percent undecided.

Asked who the person would vote for if the election were held today, Dabakis received 27 percent to Biskupski’s 21 percent with 42 percent undecided. Penfold and Ibarra received four and three percent, respectively.

Biskupski is the first openly-lesbian Salt Lake City mayor. Dabakis and Penfold are openly gay. 

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